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The Spawn Chunks 048: Plug ‘n Play with TheHotDish

The Spawn Chunks 048: Plug ‘n Play with TheHotDish

Joel and Jonny welcome TheHotDish to the podcast for a round table discussion on managing multiplayer servers and keeping Minecraft fresh, and up to date. The latest look at Minecraft Earth and latest snapshot are also on the table.

The Spawn Chunks 047: The Blocks of Summer

Jonny and Joel break down the latest snapshots for Minecraft 1.14.4 and discuss the slower pace blanketing the Minecraft community in summer, despite a large uptick in Minecraft popularity online.

Building Better Combat

Joel and Jonny give their feedback on the latest Minecraft update, 1.14.3 and take a swing at the special combat mechanics test released on Reddit. Can Minecraft be built better?

The Spawn Chunks 045: Avoiding The Void

While Jonny and Joel patiently wait for the 1.14.3 update – Spoiler! It drops during the show. – they have been spending a lot of time in The End and share some thoughts after their prolonged exposure to the void. Plus, listener Chunk Mail.