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The Spawn Chunks 035: Backing Up Into Pre-release

The Spawn Chunks 035: Backing Up Into Pre-release

Jonny and Joel talk about some of the pre-release details for Minecraft 1.14, how they are preparing in game for the Village and Pillage update, and answer Chunk Mail listener email about multiplayer servers.

The Spawn Chunks 034: Achieving Advancements

Joel and Jonny discuss some of the many bugs addressed in the latest Minecraft snapshot, listener email response to “cheats” and some advancements that could be made to achievements to make them more rewarding.

The Spawn Chunks 033: Food For Thought

Hunger bar warning. This episode will drive you to snack. Jonny and Joel discuss Minecraft food, or the lack there of, and how they think it could be made more appetizing to players. Plus, lots of news in the latest snapshot updates and finding the right version of Minecraft for you.

The Spawn Chunks 032: An Artisan Sausage

Joel and Jonny are joined by MythicalSausage for a round table discussion about the future of Minecraft weapons and combat, if switching between game modes is considered cheating, and at what point to data packs push Minecraft beyond the walls of vanilla.