The Spawn Chunks 304: Bundling Up New Features

Jul 1, 2024 | podcast

Joel, and Jonny are happy to see Mojang announce that bundles are finally coming to Minecraft, plus listener emails on Joel’s crystal ball, updating legacy structures, and why content creators tend to play on Java Edition.

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  • The Citadel | Westhill | West Road Pumpkin Farm
    • The West Road Pumpkin farm is finished!
    • Finished the last of the pumpkin patch details, and worked out the structure of the back gate.
    • With the back gate finished, I had to add the detailing the other half of the stone wall, and all of the foliage that comes with that.
    • The final details were a couple of small sized pumpkins added to the compost pile to balance out some orange on that side of the build, and help communicate what the rotting pumpkin was.
      • Armour Statues medium pumpkin.
      • Wandering Trades pumpkin mini block.


  • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 3
    • Episode 99 of Survival Guide got very “smashy” with the mace.
    • Put together a world tour for Episode 100!
    • Getting read for some time away in the US.
      • 101 Questions for the pre-recorded Episode 101 set to publish during time away.
      • Returned to Trial Chambers for Episode 102, also pre-recorded, with the goal of farming Wind Charges.
        • Confirmed some useful Trial Spawner mechanics, and discovered the Breeze is like the Blaze in one unfortunate way.

Minecraft News

FROM: The MC Engineer
SUBJECT: Can Joel Predict The Future?

Hey Jonny, and Joel,

I have been listening to the older episodes on The Spawn Chucks starting from the beginning! While listing to Episode 116 at 1:03:15 Joel had the idea that a new structure could be added that is made from aged copper, and that it would be a great way for players to get large quantities of aged copper without having to wait for it to age naturally. 

I really like the way Mojang has recently been giving new life to old items in recent updates, like addressing how long builders have to wait for copper to age if they want to use it in builds by adding trail chambers. 

What existing features or items would you like Mojang build upon?

The MCengineer died of natural causes while waiting for the fletching table update.

FROM: Mr. Monkey
MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Refreshing Old Structures

I think Mojang should update older structures like Woodland Mansions, Ocean Monuments, or even Strongholds to give veteran players more reasons to revisit them. 

What are your thoughts on refreshing these iconic landmarks with new loot or new challenges?

Mr. Monkey met a grisly fate, using a wind charge, and hitting his head on the ceiling, spattering everywhere!

FROM: WakeJilliams
SUBJECT: Tricky Trials Of Tek Variety?

G’day Pix, and Joel!

Tricky Trials has been a blast to get into. At this point, I’ve looted through ten, or eleven Trial Chambers. The more I play, the more I notice the similarities of Trial Chambers, and Tango’s Decked Out. Do you think Mojang has been working on these ideas for a few years, or do you think they take inspiration from the community to fuel their updates?

WakeJilliams died in a Trial Chamber death loop when a baby zombie stole all his netherite gear.

FROM: Tiim V. & Family
SUBJECT: 3 Listeners, 3 Questions

Hi Pix & Joel,

When I pick up my two sons from school or practice, on the way we always listen to The Spawn Chunks in the car. My sons don’t have email yet so I combined our three questions here:

  1. Sam: Do you expect that Mojang will upgrade the old mobs with new animations?
  2. Lars: Why are natural pink sheep made so rare in the game?
  3. Tim: Most content creators, and streamers play on Java Edition. Do you think there will ever be a tipping point for some to switch over (to Bedrock Edition), and what would be a trigger for both of you to even consider a change?

Keep up with all the good work. We loved the latest guests on the show, and hope more will come in the future.

Kind regards and a big thumbs up from all three of us.

Tim V. died while trying to find a new freshly animated pink sheep as a surprise.

FROM: Fire_Dragon_19
MEMBER: Ore Producer
SUBJECT: Stay Or Go?

Hello Jonny, and Joel. 

I love the new video format of the show, and watch it when I can!

I have only been playing Minecraft since late 2020 so I am still fairly new to the game. I started my current world in 1.19, and when 1.20 dropped, I used MCASelector to trim chunks, and get the new Cherry Grove Biome. In this world, I have grown so much as a builder, making my base cohesive, and pushing myself on an Asian inspired build style. I beat the dragon for the first time in this world and crossed the end islands in search for Elytra. I built my first creeper farm here as well. I took a break while waiting for 1.21 to drop, and trimmed the chunks then as well. 

The problem is now when I log in I feel uninspired. I love exploring, and love the “new world smell” if you know what I mean? I have ideas for new builds, and want to incorporate the crafter. I am torn between starting a new world, and continuing here. 

I know Joel has been on the Citadel for many years so I guess this is more for Jonny. How do you decide to stay or go? I like the fact I have Elytra, and shulker boxes, and access to all the blocks I could want but also have the itch to see new things.

Fire_Dragon_19 never logged into Minecraft because they couldn’t choose between load or new world.

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