The Spawn Chunks 289: Is The Mace A Smash Hit?

Mar 18, 2024 | podcast

Jonny, and Joel give their first impressions of the new mace weapon coming to Minecraft, along with breeze rods, and new armour trim, then answer listener email about chalky cliffs, dying water, and XP debuffs in the March Chunkmail Dispenser.

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  • The Citadel | Westhill River Inn
    • Made some adjustments to the roof, which is now large enough for a mangrove plank gradient using red nether bricks, netherrack, mangrove planks, and stripped mangrove wood, with mangrove signs, and mangrove pressure plates to help it all blend together. It’s still a work in progress.
    • Tried to design the inside, and outside of the inn at the same time to avoid as many conflicts as possible.
    • The main level is a small, two table main hall, and reception desk, and the kitchen in the base of the tower.
    • The second level of the tower is a small sitting library, (No books yet.) and two small bedrooms, with a common balcony off the main gable.
    • Textures, grounds, and details are still a work in progress
    • All progress so far can be watched on


  • Minecraft SOS
    • Progress continues on the dig in Minecraft SOS. There are now five or six chunks of the circle dug out. Although some of them are not full chunks thanks to the curve of the wall!
  • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 3
    • Started a Wither Skeleton farm in the Minecraft Survival Guide world. It’s located in a soul sand valley, which means there is minimal spawn proofing required. Using wither roses inside the farm to focus spawns n wither skeletons.
    • The farm still needs piglin “assistants”, and a viable AFK spot.
FROM: Iceshard2003
SUBJECT: Magic Mace

Hello Jonny, and Joel,

At the time of writing this I just saw the new mace weapon that was added in Snapshot 24W11A. I think it looks exciting, but it doesn’t currently have any enchantments that can be applied to it.

In Fortnite there was once a weapon called the shockwave hammer that you could hit the ground with to boost you into the air. What if there was a Minecraft enchantment that gave the mace a similar ability? Maybe it allows the breeze rod handle to release a gust of wind when you strike the ground, giving you enough leverage to accumulate extra damage. Sure, wind charges could help you achieve the same thing, but with the enchantment you could save yourself an extra inventory slot. Maybe this new enchantment also allows you to gain more height than you could with a single wind charge. It could be balanced with a greater cooldown, or take extra points of durability.

I’m curious to hear what you think about this idea, and if you two have any other enchantments you think would go well with the mace.

Iceshard2003 fell from a high place, because he didn’t land his hit with the mace.

FROM: ColbyCheese
SUBJECT: Seaside Cliffs

Hey Pix, and Joel,

In Episode 287 when Joel was talking about his custom cliffs, that got me thinking, what about a seaside cliffs biome in Minecraft? They would generate near an ocean biome, and have a similar feel to the stoney shore biome. The seaside cliffs could have a new block, chalk! Chalk could be used as a sort of paintbrush tool for making your own pixel art. You could dye the block to make different colors of chalk. I think that it would have durability so (like in real life) the chalk would run down to a stub. 

I am curious to see what you think.

ColbyCheese fell from a high place from exploring the seaside cliffs biome…

(PS: Thanks for the fish.)

FROM: Monatae
SUBJECT: A Use For Dye Blocks

Hey Joel, and Pix!

In the Episode 285 discussion about new uses for old items, Joel brought up the idea of a dye block made from dyes, and slime balls. This reminded me of a Bedrock feature I’ve always wished Mojang would add to Java, colored water!

A dye block, when placed in contact with water, could change the color of all water in a fixed radius around it. I think this would add a fun touch to a lot of builds!

What do you think?

Monatae accidentally drowned while trying to design a rainbow river.

FROM: AltoLeoDawg

Hey Jonny, and Joel,

I was listening to your recent discussions about XP. What if there was an XP system that granted certain rewards, but also debuffed you? So if you had lots of levels you would have some sort of ability or a new tool, but you may also be weaker. On the flip side, if you had very few levels, you wouldn’t have the abilities, but your natural “power” would be higher.

The idea is that xp weighs you down, but can grant powers.

AltoLeoDawg just sat there… waiting.

Render Distance Email

FROM: Tim S.
MEMBER: Landscape Artist
SUBJECT: A Vanilla Way To Reset Chunks

Hello Jonny, and Joel,

I mostly play Survival in Bedrock Edition on Nintendo Switch, where I don’t have the option to reset chunks before an update. As I wait for the next update, which adds structures like Trial Chambers, I find that I have a hesitation to explore lest I make it more difficult to find the new structures when the new update comes.

What if there was a way in Survival to reset the current chunk? Perhaps it could be a magical bed? To sleep costs levels, and when the player wakes up they are on the surface of the newly renewed chunk. Or perhaps there are other ways to encourage exploration without the fear of missing out on the next update’s content?

Tim lived the rest of his days in a few chunk radius, forever waiting for the next update before exploring.

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