The Spawn Chunks 287: Wolf Pyjamas

Mar 4, 2024 | podcast

Jonny, and Joel explore new features in the latest Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot, including dyed wolf armour, mushroom sprouting bogged, and a large technical update concerning item data. Plus, Hardcore comes to Bedrock, and an email lead discussion around XP.

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  • Minecraft SOS
    • To make life interesting on Minecraft SOS there are events, and challenges planned to equip members with more Fate Coins, the currency used to revive players when they die.
      • The latest is a Stardew Valley style collection quest so players can stock up on early resources, and split them evenly.
    • The Nether is now open! Efforts are being made to acquire a beacon as soon as possible.
  • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 3
    • Continuing Survival Guide progress with some small but vital projects like setting up shifting floor flower farms, and a larger bamboo farm powered by flying machines, and allay item collection.

FROM: McScrewGunn
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: XP Level Ideas

Good morning, Joel and Jonny,

In Episode 286 Leggo My Add-ons, a good deal of the discussion revolved around  mending, tool durability, repairing tools, XP, and levels, all stemming from Jonny’s self restriction while digging an interesting ‘quaint’ hole.

I too am digging a large hole on Infinity Cove (Joel’s Patron server), and someday will perhaps even have a plan for it. It takes me over 10 hours, and nearly 11 Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, netherite pickaxes, with haste, to remove a single Y-layer. I would not even consider this dig without mending, or without villager trading. Librarians specifically.

Specifically is the key word here. I need a specific setup on the tool to make this dig even remotely possible.  If the enchantments from the enchantment table were not random, if perhaps we could select them specifically, I would not need the same villager trading setup.

What do you think of a system where we could essentially buy specific enchantments from the table using levels, as opposed to a random roll?  For example, it takes 30 levels to get top tier enchantments.  Efficiency V needs 30 levels, but you could divide that 30 levels up. Efficiency I could be 6 levels, Efficiency II 12 levels, and Efficiency 3 18 levels, etc.  Things like silk touch with only one level could cost the full 30 levels, and enchantments with II or III as the top tier can also scale, albeit by larger increments.

Curious to what you all think.

McScrewGunn did not die, he was just down in the hole so long people forgot about him.

FROM: Caitlin Z.
SUBJECT: Using XP To Unlock The Ancient City Portal

Hi Joel, and Pix,

I was listening to Episode 286 where you were talking about how there are less uses for large amounts of XP once you have mending, and it made me think of the Ancient City.

What if the mysterious portal is unlocked using a large amount of XP, donated by the player. I’m not sure how this could work mechanically, but I feel like it fits thematically with the sculk blocks collecting, and storing up XP. 

I would especially enjoy it if the experience was similar but reversed to the large XP collection that happens the first time you defeat the Ender Dragon. Imagine interacting with the frame to unlock it, and it begins dragging the XP orbs out of the player. Potentially this could be something that happens if you get close enough to the portal structure, but stops if you move out of range.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks, as always!

Caitlin was killed by the Warden after running away from the portal too loudly.

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Splitting Up XP

Spurred on by the email from McScrewGunn, and other recent discussions about XP in Minecraft, Jonny, and Joel discuss the possible solution of splitting up XP into different levels – or categories – using XP “points” similar to the way  an action role playing game might, developing a kind of ‘skill tree’ within Minecraft. What would that look like? What systems in Minecraft could be affected? Would this kind of ‘XP tree’ idea work in Minecraft?