The Spawn Chunks 276: Armadillos And Ancient Mobs

Dec 18, 2023 | podcast

Joel, and Jonny share some thoughts on the armadillo making its first appearance in Minecraft experimental features, and answer listener email about ancient mobs, overworld structures, environmental crafting, and user interface guidance.

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  • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 3
    • Put together a large, plot based, manual tree farm with water stream collection canals, and shulker box loaders for each of the wood types, including the Nether woods.
    • Bamboo will be farmed with a larger, flying machine farm, possibly later when the crafter is in the game.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Shadowfalling
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: A Desolate Landscape

Hi Jonny, and Joel

With the recent updates to the Minecraft underground in terms of structures, I’ve been wondering if the surface of the world is beginning to feel disproportionately desolate. Ancient cities, trial chambers, strongholds and abandoned mineshafts are all large sprawling structures that suggest a presence of a bustling, and thriving civilisation. The surface however gives the impression of a much more sparsely developed world. 

Do you think the overworld structures need to be reworked to match the development of the underground ones? I think more surface ruins of larger structures like towns and cities would fit in well.

Shadowfalling fell off the edge of the world looking for a long lost civilisation.

FROM: SupiestMedal
SUBJECT: Ice Spikes Or Custom Trees

Hi Jonny, and Joel!

I have been listening to the podcast for two years now, and love to listen while I mine for diamonds or mow the lawn. I have a quick question for you.

In a server with friends I set up a castle as a base. Near it there is a lake with ice spikes, and cherry trees in the distance. I needed a project so I decided to make a town around it. (With a little inspiration from Westhill!) The castle, and town don’t fit in with the nearby lake or biomes. Is it better to try to incorporate the natural terrain into my build somehow or should I cover it up with custom terrain? 

SupiestMedal quit his first Minecraft world after seeing sugar cane, and thinking it was the exploding green thing his brother told him about.

FROM: Joel S.
SUBJECT: Non-GUI Crafting Clues

Hi Pix, and Joel!

Other-Joel here. In Episode 274 you were brainstorming ideas for conveying right-click functionality to the player. What if, when your cursor is hovering over a nearby block, a slot on your hot-bar would get highlighted if the item in that slot has right-click functionality with the block?

For example, if you are holding an axe in your hot bar, it would get highlighted in some manner (Maybe the icon pulses?) any time you hover the gane crosshairs over a waxed copper block or a log that could be stripped.

Perhaps over time, players would put the two and two together. What do you think?

The Other Joel dropped his axe because it was pulsing too hard. Thankfully it didn’t kill him.

FROM: Rush C.
SUBJECT: More Ancient Mobs In Minecraft

Hi Joel, and Jonny, 

Trails & Tales focused heavily on the ancient past of Minecraft, with pots, and pottery sherds, trail ruins, new plants, and the Sniffer. I think Minecraft has a lot of potential in this area. It would be nice if Mojang added more ancient mobs or biomes to Minecraft. Maybe a pink, dinosaur-esque creature or a cherry grove related Sniffer, or a new mob in the lush caves. Possibly an ice caves biome with arctic themed creatures, something in the oceans, and maybe some new fossil like items or plants to go along with them. 

What do you guys think? Maybe you could think of other ideas. I would love to hear your opinions. I’ve been listening to The Spawn Chunks for a few months now. You guys are always so technical, and easy to understand. 

Keep up the awesome work!

FROM: MukrizPlayz
RE: Profession Table Discussion.

I have been a Minecraft player since 2013. I have played alot with cousins and friends. I have been playing with mods as well. It got me thinking in speculation, in the near (next) update, what if crafting high level tools from a crafting table is no longer possible and the only tools craftable are wooden and stone. All ore/ingot related items could only be crafted through the smithing table

and the same thing goes for the fletching table and bows.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Render Distance Chunk Mail

FROM: Twixxi Indigo
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Patron
SUBJECT: Email Subject


We hear a lot about all the awesome stuff players do in Survival and Creative Modes, and even all the fun extra things in modded Minecraft. Adventure Mode doesn’t seem to get as much love from the community, even though there are a lot of people out there making adventure maps, and even creators like AvidMC doing wonderful things with purely vanilla tools.

Mojang has also added a lot of new tools for Adventure Mode map creators recently, like display entities, interaction entities, and new technical features like the /random command, and macro functions.

Why do you think Adventure Mode is talked about so little, and is it time for a comeback? Have either of you ever played Adventure Mode yourself, or would be interested in playing in the future? 

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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