The Spawn Chunks 275: Fly-Over Features

Dec 11, 2023 | podcast

Jonny, and Joel cover the release of Minecraft: Java Edition 1.20.4, as well as a new update to Bedrock Edition, answer listener email about beds, and llamas, and discuss some fly over Minecraft features that could use updating.

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  • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 3
    • Explored turtle breeding, and the turtle shell helmet, before progress move deeper into end game where it’s obsolete.
    • Built a super efficient, and productive, one chunk slime farm using iron golems, and nether portals.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Pan Podericus
SUBJECT: An Old Idea In These Times Of Change

Dear Joel, and Pix,

I’ve been a listener of the show since Episode 1, and the podcast, along with The Minecraft Survival Guide, and Xisuma’s update videos, is a tenet of my life as a Minecrafter, so thank you for the great work you’re doing!

Like many players, I have my pet peeves when it comes to small but life-changing features, and there is something I’ve been wanting for the longest time in Minecraft. I would love a Vanilla way to skip the day in Minecraft, in the same way a bed allows us to skip the night. My preferred way of achieving this would be a hammock, maybe crafted from string, and attached to hooks, in which players could nap to sleep the day away. 

I’m more of an explorer, and a builder than I am a technical player, and I seldom build mob farms. I prefer the thrill of going mob-hunting at night. That’s especially the case with slimes.

I don’t think the hammock would be a gamebreaker. Manually hunting mobs at night is still a grind after all, and it will never be as efficient as an optimized farm.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Pan Podericus died from a mob attack because he was too slow getting out of his hammock.

FROM: KagenW
SUBJECT: Burros And Carts

Hello Joel and Pix,

On Episode 274, there was a lot of talk about player inventory, and world inventory. Very thought provoking! 

In that discussion, I don’t remember hearing how pack animals are used in the game, which I could say is underrated. For example, llamas with yellow carpets could hold your sand, llamas with brown carpets could hold your dirt, etc. 

I will admit that donkeys, and llamas are not especially useful since they only have one chest, if that much. However, adding a cart that a donkey could pull that holds more items may be a transportable storage room, or perhaps a new way to organize chests. One cart could have seeds of all kinds, another cart could have player tools.

I think it would be a fun, and inventive way to organize your storage, and keep it from being a giant chest monster in a basement somewhere. 

Thanks for the podcast! 

KagenW got run over by a cart.

FROM: ThePianoMan89
SUBJECT: Burros And Carts

Hi Jonny and Joel!

After listening to some Minecraft content creators (both of you and ibxtoycat) and considering my mob vote choice and other factors in existing gameplay, it made me realize that there are increasing numbers of things in the game that need revisiting as they introduce more new stuff. The thought that sparked this realization is the mob vote with the crab and the existing sword enchantment “bane of arthropods.” A crab is an arthropod, but it doesn’t seem like the intent of the potential new mob would be to continually hunt and kill them such as you might do with spiders. So, while this would actually (in theory) be an interesting new application for the enchantment, it would contradict the intent of the introduction of the new mob, given that it’s neutral.

That being said, are there other things you all have noticed that seemingly cause problems between old and new Minecraft gameplay content that need attention? Would love to hear a discussion about that and ideas on how it might be addressed/fixed.

Thepianoman89 got caught in a web of complications from old and new content conflicting and was, for once, happy for his previously undesired sword enchantment, “bane of arthropods.”

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Fly-Over Features

Minecraft is a broad game, and many features can seem useful at one point, but diminish as players progress farther, and farther. Jonny, and Joel discuss how many of these features are worth coming back to. How could these features be given more value in the later stages of a Minecraft world? What ideas could be applied to future game features to increase their longevity?