The Spawn Chunks 272: Critters, Crafters, And Copper Bulbs

Nov 20, 2023 | podcast

Joel, and Jonny chime in on changes to the crafter, and copper bulbs in the latest snapshot, then answer listener email about trail chambers, copper doors, creepy crawlies, and more.

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  • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 3
    • Gathering armour trim. All of them!
      • Found the Silence armour trim in the fourth Ancient City raid.
      • Needed to collect the Spire, Wild and Snout armour trims as well.
    • Introduced concrete, and glazed terracotta to the series. Looking forward to building with those blocks in the future!
    • Returned to exploring banners in more detail, along with using them as shield decorations.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Daniel H.
SUBJECT: Finding Trial Chambers


I think Mojang could add a “Trial Chamber” map at some point, especially with new changes to villagers adding new maps. A Trial Chamber map could also point to the actual entrance of the structure.

Where do you think a Trial Chamber map would fit the best? As a villager trade or as chest loot in some other structure?

What do you think about having some other pointer on the surface to the Trial Chambers? (Like the trees that help you find lush caves.)

Daniel was blown away by a breeze, and faded into the distance.

FROM: Tyronics
SUBJECT: Copper Doors & Trapdoors

Dear Jonny, and Joel,

I was listening to Episode 269, and heard you two talking about the functionality of copper doors which are currently similar to wooden doors. What if copper doors, and trapdoors worked similar to copper bulbs? They would function so that they could only be opened by a redstone signal, but they would be toggled open, or closed for each signal received. I think this could result in some interesting redstone designs.

Let me know your thoughts!

Tyronics had a door slammed to his face after guessing wrong how on it functioned.

FROM: Pro10Prince
SUBJECT: Creepier Crawly-er

With the introduction of skeletons with poison tipped arrows in trial chambers a lot of players wish to see the mossy skeleton from Minecraft Dungeons introduced. What if Mojang added the spiders with status effects to trial chambers? What if they too had unique skins? I know Mojang might be hesitant to do anything involving spiders but after thinking why do we have cave spiders, and not spiders with other potion effects? I’d love to see pink, orange, and white spiders to go with those updated potion colors!

The Prince got lost in a Mineshaft… Wonder what happens after that?

FROM: EmptyEmpires
SUBJECT: The Wrought Iron Solution

Hello Jonny, and Joel,

I was listening to Episode 268, specifically your discussion on stained glass windows, and how much inventory space it would take up. What if you could craft nether brick, and iron to get a wrought iron lattice. This would be a decorative panel that could be placed on the sides of blocks to add texture, this texture could be changed by putting it in a crafting table with a corresponding block depending on the pattern you desire, similar to armor trim. I know a lot of people would like this as a way to spruce up windows, and other surfaces by adding a dark grey pattern to lay over it. Maybe you would be able to grow sweet berries in it to have an overgrown texture?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

EmptyEmpires got stuck after putting their head in between the bars… again.

Render Distance Chunk Mail

FROM: Kokorodaki
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Is The Beacon Range Too Short?

Hello there Pix, and Joel, 

I was wondering if you guys think beacon range is too short, and if it is, how should Mojang fix that? Should the base range of the full beacon be increased? Or should Mojang maybe add a way to upgrade beaons? If upgrading is the solution, do you have any ideas for how that could be done? Maybe a new boss drop?

Thanks as always for the great podcast y’all.

Kokorodaki was blown up by a rogue creeper after wandering away from the protection of his beacon.

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