The Spawn Chunks 268: Auto Crafting The Future

Oct 23, 2023 | podcast

Joel, and Jonny share some listener feedback on the armadillo, wolf armour, and trial chambers, then discuss their first look at the crafter in the experimental features of the latest Minecraft snapshot.

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  • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 3
    • Experimented with some A, B testing mining for diamonds in the depilate layers of new chunks, comparing them to mining for the same amount of time – 1 hour – in older chunks. Results; you get more diamonds!
    • Set up a cherry boat “Pez Dispenser” storage for the allays rescued last week so they aren’t all floating around the spawn area attempting to path to the player.
    • Returned to The End for a rematch with The Dragon, then continued with the fighting mood and took on The Wither on the surface of The Overworked for the first time in ages, showcasing how The Wither behaves when not restrained by a cave, or other more popular battle strategy.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: KagenW
SUBJECT: Gilded Windows 

Hello Pix and Joel,

I would love to be able to craft the copper grates together with glass blocks to make gilded/decorative glass blocks with borders, and designs in them, like we see in real life with medieval-style architecture. Potentially, we could see something that looks like a stained glass window! 

I also think the copper doors should have to use a redstone signal. For continuity sake, metal doors require redstone power. 

That’s my two cents for the update!

Thanks for the podcast. 

Kagenw decided to hire a blaze to fight the breeze.

DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Teaching Dogs Tricks

Hey Pix and Joel,

With the addition of armadillos, and wolf armor, I was thinking about other ways that dogs could be improved. What if you could train your dog to help you with certain tasks? To train them, the player could reward their dog with different types of toys. For example, a player could train their dog to hunt on their own by giving them a bone after they help the player take down a mob. The dog would then attack that type of mob when they get close. Other examples that a player could train a dog to do are to guard an area (by giving them a rabbit hide), to herd animals by pushing them towards fences (by giving them a stick), or to give a warning bark when a type of mob is close (by giving them a goat horn after killing that mob). 

What are your thoughts on this idea? I hope our canine friends can receive some more love so that they are on equal footing with cats.

RonDe was killed by a pack of dogs protecting their owner from a prank.

FROM: Arthur
SUBJECT: Trail Chamber Mobs

Hey Pix, and Joel, 

Since Minecraft Live I’ve been thinking about the Trial Chamber, and the Breeze. What other mobs could be added?

We have several examples of mobs from Minecraft Dungeons that could be added to Minecraft, and there could also be new mobs like the Breeze that Mojang comes up with out of the blue.

The Rascal might fit well into a Trial Chamber to give you loot as you work your way through it.

What mobs do you think could be added into the Trial Chamber?


FROM: Jordan Y
SUBJECT: Built In Instructions

I’m writing in reply to your discussion on Episode 258 about instructions built into Minecraft gameplay.

I’m fairly brand new to Minecraft, and have searched up just a couple things. I personally love the fact that there’s not a bunch of text or things you feel like you have to learn in the game.

It’s almost like the game gives you different paint brushes, and as you become a better “painter” you want to start learning about those specific brushes. It feels way more creative in that way, and is what makes it so fun discovering things on my own, especially starting the new world with my wife, and my kids, a 10 year old who has a little knowledge, a 9 year old, and a 5 year old. 

Listening to your podcast is like hearing about the different brushes of the game, and understanding what they’re called or roughly what can be done, and it makes me excited to discover it all with my family on the realm!

Thanks again!


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Unboxing The Crafter

Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 23W42A added the crafter under Experimental Features just three days after it was announced at Minecraft Live. After some hands on by the community, Jonny, and Joel discuss if the crafter is heralding in industrial size amounts of gameplay to go along with the potential expectations that come along with adding auto-crafting to Minecraft.

“Crafter will not be revolutionary, but will make the game more streamlined. But there are applications that it will enable, creating a stream of empty shulker boxes, random fireworks crafting for firework displays, (and) kelp blocks as infinite fuel source. What else?”@Gnembon_mc on Twitter