The Spawn Chunks 266: Mob Vote Fact Or CAP

Oct 9, 2023 | podcast

Joel, and Jonny review a new Java Edition snapshot that addresses shields – the other kind of blocking in Minecraft – before discussing the potential, and possibilities of the crab, the armadillo, and the penguin, the three mobs that are part of the 2023 Minecraft Live mob vote.

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  • The Citadel, The East Road Graveyard
    • Plugging away at the straightforward decorating phase of the east road graveyard. It’s just time consuming, with a fair amount of trial, and error.
    • The graveyard has things like custom gravestones, a fountain, small altar, a custom tree, and of course various textures on the grounds, and winding paths.
    • This week saw breaking ground on the burial crypt that will be serving as player storage, but also designed to look creepy, and cool.


  • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 3
    • Getting used to flying again, and sharing the tips, and tricks to flying around Minecraft with an elytra.
      • It’s very convenient now that the weather is more consistently raining to have the Riptide enchantment handy. It’s very powerful!
    • Excavated a trail ruin which was partly underwater, making it a tricky dig, but still ended up with 88 total finds, including all 4 armour trim templates, four Relic discs, and 7 different pottery sherds.
    • Coming this week a mob farm will need to be built to fuel the needs of flying around with an elytra.

Minecraft News

The Minecraft Live 2023 Mob Vote

Chunk Mail

FROM: MinecrafterMan
SUBJECT: A Needed Update

Hello, Pix and Joel!   

After a conversation, and consensus with my friends that all of the mobs this year are great choices, we were discussing updates that we all wanted in the game. Though things like an update to The End were mentioned, we came to the agreement that our number one update would be for Mojang to update nature and mobs in Minecraft. The “Foliage & Fauna” update if you will.

The foliage part would be an update to the outdated feeling Forest, Birch Forest, Taiga, Dark Oak Forest, and Jungle biomes. These would not need to be large changes, as the Mega Taiga, and Cheery Blossom Grove feel good to us. We’re hoping for some new blocks, as well as ambient additions to bring life to the forests. Some of the blocks, and features could overlap between each biome. (Fallen leaves for example.)  Since the Jungle is mostly foliage, Mojang could add Jungle ruins, which would tie in with the currant Jungle Temple. Like Igloos, it could have zombie villagers in it, and hint to Jungle Villagers being in the game. 

The fauna part of the update would be new animations and/or features to older mobs such as the Zombie which feels completely outdated compared to the Warden, and the sniffer which are full of life, and character with their animation, and sound design. Wolves, for example, could have a change in how they fight entities, which could bring more use to the potential wolf armor from the Armadillo.

An update like this would also be a perfect time to add some of the previous mob vote losers. Mooblooms could be put in the Flower Forests, Glares in the lush caves, and the Iceologer, and possibly the Illusionist, could be added with a new enchantment system. 

My friends, and I all have differing playstyles ranging from building to PVP, redstone, making datapacks , and being in-game nomads, and all of us thought this “Foliage & Fauna” idea would be a good update. I would love to hear your thoughts!

MinecrafterMan died by an Iceologer and Illusionist ambush while petting a Moobloom in a Jungle Ruin.

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The Mobs Of The Minecraft Live 2023 Mob Vote

Last week Joel, and Jonny predicted what they thought players might see in the 2023 Mob Vote at Minecraft live. They were wrong. Mojang has announced the crab, the armadillo, and the penguin as the 2023 Mob Vote candidates. Joel, and Jonny share their thoughts on which potential new mob may have the most to offer to Minecraft, which mob they feel is their top choice, and delve into a deeper discussion on if the mob vote is still good for Minecraft, and the playerbase.