The Spawn Chunks 265: The Voyage To Minecraft Live 2023

Oct 2, 2023 | podcast

Jonny, and Joel share fond memories of playing Minecraft Dungeons, answer listener email about a difficult mob to catch, and speculate on what Minecraft players might expect from Mojang at Minecraft Live 2023.

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  • The Citadel – Westhill Valley
    • The wheat farm details are finished. (For now.)
      • Favourite details include the pond, and the irrigation stream that goes through the retaining walls.
      • The east bank of the Westhill River is now covered in full grown wheat, and really helps frame the approach south to the front gate of Westhill.
      • The Citadel – East Farm Road – Part 8 (
    • Started the east road graveyard, fittingly at the start of “spooky season” on October 1.


  • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 3
    • The Deep Dark
      • Went to The Deep Dark to get some skulk blocks, and mess with the Warden a little bit. Didn’t get too close, or really enter the Ancient City as of yet.
    • Pillager Raid
      • The Survival Guide is still on Normal difficulty, so completing the pillager raid was doable without protecting the village too deliberately.
    • The End
      • The Dragon fight went well, and found an End City with a ship, and elytra right away.
      • Kept this trip simple, only raiding a couple of other End Cities, and then returned to the Overworld.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Kokorodaki
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: End Mob For Mob Vote

Hello there Pix, and Joel,

I just listened to Episode 264: Predicting The Mob Vote, and Pix’s idea about a mob in The End that eats chorus fruit sparked an idea. 

Would you be interested in a mob that casually wanders around the end eating segments of chorus plants, that the player has to catch to get some use out of them? Every time the mob eats a segment of the chorus plant, it could teleport randomly to another nearby chorus plant. As a working name, I’m thinking ‘Chorus Leaper’.

My initial thought was that maybe it would eat the chorus flowers at the top of the plant, but I realized that may make it harder for players to gather the chorus flowers if there aren’t many in the area, or if they’re trying to farm chorus in the end. I also think the mob should go from the top of the plant when eating, rather than eating segments that are lower down, causing a bunch of item entities to drop. Perhaps the chorus leaper picks off the chorus flower at the top, throws it to the ground as an item, and then eats the next segment down? This could even make for a fun mechanic for the player to gather chorus flowers.

Thanks for the great show y’all.

Kokorodaki fell into the void after chasing a chorus leaper off the edge of an End island.

FROM: Tarsirrus
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Villager Professions

Hi Jonny & Joel

I like the direction of the new villager mechanic updates, (Possibly with a few balance tweaks.) and I expect the weapon smith, and tool smith will both get similar updates to the armourer. But I was thinking about some of the other professions, and what biome specific changes they could have.

Shepards could have the different dye colours available based on biome, and masons could also split the different decorative stones, and terracotta colours, but what about the rest of the professions? What sort of biome splits do you think they could have?

I also want some sort of wood work villager mainly for a profession block so I can get efficient wood crafting, but they would also be an easy villager to make biome specific with different wood types.

I appreciate your voices of reason with this, and all the other changes we have had over the years.

Tarsirrus got lost trying to find a villager buying cherry wood logs.

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What Will Mojang Announce At Minecraft Live 2023?

Minecraft players will find out what new mobs will be eligible for the 2023 Mob Vote this week, but there have been no real clues as to what Mojang will announce as the next big update coming to Minecraft at Minecraft Live later this month. Jonny, and Joel put on their armour trimmed thinking caps, and share their ideas on what players could be looking forward to, what the Minecraft community seems to be focusing their hopes on, and what pie-in-the-sky updates to Minecraft would really shake things up.

Jonny, and Joel will cover the Minecraft Live event live on on Sunday, October 15, 2023 at 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

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