The Spawn Chunks 263: Shedding Light On Minecraft Live

Sep 18, 2023 | podcast

Jonny, and Joel speculate on their coverage of Minecraft Live coming up on October 15, then discuss listener email on rebalancing the grindstone, the potential of redstone lanterns, and neon signs, and how some players pace their Minecraft play leading up to new releases of the game.

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  • The Citadel, Westhill Valley
    • Work continued on the tired wheat farm along the Westhill River this week. Planting wheat, and replacing the cobblestone retaining walls with more detailed blocks, textures, and foliage.


  • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 3
    • Working on the build for the main storage room, which is a large project, and requires a couple farms to provide resources for the build.
      • A cactus farm for green dye, and a bamboo farm for some block palette harmony.
    • Went off to find a swamp in search of a Witch Hut, but pivoted to breeding frogs instead.
      • The Nether Spawn on The Survival Guide Season 3 is a basalt delta, making for some good early game froglight farming.
    • Revisited tridents, and crossbows, and found that riptide on a trident feels more useful now that sleeping in the overworked doesn’t reset the weather cycle, and it rains a lot more frequently.

Minecraft News

  • Last Call To Migrate Mojang Accounts (
    • “Starting September 19, 2023, at 11:00 am EST / 5:00 pm CEST, unmigrated Mojang accounts will not be able to sign in to or the Minecraft Launcher to migrate. We’re doing this to ensure that everyone is playing using accounts with improved security, and player safety. In addition, starting September 19, 2023, Minecraft Support will no longer be able to assist in any MSA migration-related tickets.”
    • Java Migration FAQ (

Chunk Mail

FROM: Taylor M.
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Grindstone Rebalancing

Hey guys,

On Episode 259 of The Spawn Chunks there was a discussion being held regarding how grindstones could be re-worked to allow for only choice enchantments to be removed. It got me thinking about how the second slot of a grindstone is almost entirely unused. 

Here is my proposal: place the tool, armor, or what-have-you into the top slot of the grindstone interface, and put a valuable item like diamond in the second slot. This could act as if the grindstone is getting a temporary buff to its ”scrubbing” ability. To keep this idea balanced, no XP would be returned to the player. 

Overall I feel like it could be a solution. Let me know your thoughts.


Taylor lost a finger to his newly diamond-coated grindstone.

FROM: EmptyEmpire
SUBJECT: Lanterns In The Red

Hello Johnny, and Joel.

I was listening to your discussion on Episode 259 about potentially adjusting the light levels of lanterns, and I was thinking about the crafting recipe for lanterns. I noticed there was a lantern recipe for every torch… Except for the redstone torch. My idea for a redstone lantern (not to be confused with redstone lamp) would be crafted with a redstone torch in a similar way to the other lanterns, and you could change the light level it emits by adjusting the redstone signal strength powering the lantern. Or as an alternative you could right click on the lantern to adjust the level. This makes sense to me because the redstone torch does not behave like a regular torch with its ability to power redstone. It would allow players to have better control over their light levels. Not to mention a cool red lantern for spooky or modern, or sci-fi builds. 

Would love to hear your thoughts!

EmptyEmpires’s light grew too dim after saying lantern so many times. With a total of eight.

FROM: MisterChunch
SUBJECT: Neon Signs

Howdy y’all!

This summer, I finished driving down Route 66 with my family. Along the way, I saw a lot of really neat buildings that I would love to build in Minecraft. However, there’s just one issue: neon. There’s currently no good way to make neon signs in Minecraft. End rods work alright, but they only connect at straight angles. Glass can work fine if you’re building at a large enough scale, but at smaller scales it just doesn’t work. What if Minecraft had neon signs? They could be placed on walls, and connect with each other. They could also be powered with redstone, and maybe even carry a current through them, which would solve the issue of vertical redstone. I would love to hear your thoughts, and also if you have any suggestions on how to make neon signs with existing Minecraft features.

MisterChunch electrocuted himself while trying to wire his neon signs.

FROM: CorporalNarwhal
SUBJECT: Email Subject

Hey there, Joel and Johnny!

I’ve been a longtime listener of the show, and I’d like your opinion on something… 

Normally, whenever a new Minecraft update is announced, I follow the snapshots very closely, often making a new world every week just to explore the new content. However, life has been busy recently, and I haven’t sat down to play in a long-term survival world in nine months or so. I’ve also hit a bit of Mineraft burnout. 

What do you guys think about waiting until the update drops to play again so that I can enjoy the new content fully, all at once, instead of finding all of it out in the months before? (Sorry if this idea is a bit incoherent.)

Thanks for the wonderful podcast, and congrats on four-plus stacks of episodes!

CorporalNarwhal waited (almost!) patiently enough for Minecraft Live 2024.

Render Distance Chunk Mail

FROM: Xolarflare
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Dungeons & Dragons In Minecraft

Dear Pix and Joel,

I’ve been bit by the inspiration bug and I really wanna play Dungeons & Dragons… but in Minecraft. I’ve been writing a campaign for awhile now, and instead of sitting in a zoom call, roll20, or having to find time to travel to play, I’ve decided to try and use Minecraft’s blocks, and a digital world to bring a little more interactivity to the game; tall order I know. 

I’ve dug out large enough area that I could build simple map faces on to be able fill with simple props later, and a small simple room where people can gather around the table for the story and narrative elements in the game. From this point is where I’m met with some issues…

Should each player have a block that represents their character while I use armor stands to represent the enemies as each moves around the battlefield or just each use one or the other?

Should we keep our session notes in books, and quills since they’ll be in the game with us or should they write them out IRL?

There’s a lot of small things, and some I’m sure I haven’t thought of but I think the idea works out super well, what do you guys think?

Xolarflare was consumed by a mimic after dumping their inventory of dirt inside its mouth.

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