The Spawn Chunks 262: A Roadmap For Villagers

Sep 11, 2023 | podcast

Joel, and Jonny cover the new experimental villager trade changes in the latest Minecraft: Java Edition Pre-release, and discuss villager trade feedback via listener email before sharing their own thoughts on the new Cartographer, and Armorer trades.

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  • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 3
    • Returning from traveling in France, the first step was tightening up some inter dimensional travel in Minecraft by linking a few nether portals to the Survival Guide spawn area.
    • Worked on interior decorations for the starter house, taking about how sub-block details, and more detailed blocks like bookshelves are key to decorating smaller spaces in Minecraft.
    • Looking ahead to this week, the exterior of the storage room needs to be designed, and there will be a visit to a pillager outpost, and hopefully a trail ruin along the way.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: SunnybrookOne
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist
SUBJECT: Llama-Powered Villager Transportation

Hey Joel & Pix,

While listening to part two of the discussion regarding the changes to villager trades I was wondering if there could be a mechanic that smoothed the frustration of moving villagers, to make villager trading in the game even more engaging.

My preferred playstyle is nomadic world-mapper, and trail-blazer (Literally smoothing the land/making trails along which I can traverse interesting landscapes on foot, without the need to jump up blocks.) with occasional storage, base, and bridge-building. While I acknowledge the power of villager trading, sticking around the same place to grind out the resources to unlock all the trades isn’t interesting to me. If I could instead bring villagers with me on my journey,  give them names, go on adventures together, build homes for the ones I don’t need anymore, and grind as I go, that is far more appealing.

Llamas already accompany the Wandering Trader, so why not allow tamed llamas that have a bed in their inventory, and the ability to attract, and carry jobless villagers, or villager children? A bed plus the appropriate workstation could be used to attract employed villagers. For added customization, control, and for balance I’d prevent villagers from trading while riding a llama. And while the caravan limit for one llama on a lead is nine, there is no limit to the number of llamas you can lead caravans for, so the potential size of large caravans should be big enough to meet even the most technical players’ needs.

What do you think Joel? Ready to make some furry, spitting friends?

SunnybrookOne leads their traveling trading hall caravan on tour throughout their world

FROM: CJRV Williams
SUBJECT: The Challenges of Development

Hi Joel, and Pix!

With another round of villager updates being released, I’ve noticed one of the criticisms being made is that these changes makes some items even more unobtainable in super flat worlds, and peaceful worlds. To me this is one of the challenges of development for a game with as broad, diverse, and beautiful of a player base as Minecraft. This challenge presents to me a two part question:

(A) How do the devs balance maintaining a game with so many play styles and game modes beyond just survival, and creative? And at what point should these other play styles, and game modes be supplemented, or replaced with mods, data packs, and the like? (Similar to how Skyblock Is treated.)

(B) How can we as players give Mojang the best feedback from our in-snapshot experiences? I’ve noticed an immense amount of vitriol between players because of these villager changes. I think some of it stems from the fact that they feel like their preferred play style isn’t being considered, or heard by others, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we as a community can give useful feedback, as well as continue our quest to keep our communities the wonderful worlds that they are.

Excited to hear your thoughts!


CJ paddled off into the sunset, humming sea shanties while dodging phantoms in search of new biomes to explore.

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Cartographer & Armorer Experimental Trades

Joel, and Jonny share their thoughts on the new experimental villager trade changes made to Cartographers, and Armorers in the latest Pre-release for Minecraft 1.20.2. With these changes remaining as Experiemental Features through the next snapshot cycle, it’s an excellent opportunity for members of the Minecraft community to discuss the pros, and cons, and provide constructive feedback for Mojang via the feedback website.