The Spawn Chunks 257: Swamped In Trading Changes

Aug 7, 2023 | podcast

Jonny, and Joel discuss the two way street for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition parity, Bedrock Beta & Preview news, then review the proposed changes to villager trading in the latest Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot.

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  • Not Minecraft
    • Adulting got in the way this week, and no progress was made on the Westhilll build on The Citadel Minecraft server.
    • However, beta access to the new “cozy MMO” Palia was unlocked, and there were some interesting parallels, and perhaps even lessons that could be applied to Minecraft.


  • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 3
    • The PC is finally back in the house! Playing Minecraft again felt weird for the first five minutes. It’s been nearly a month since the last login to The Minecraft Survival Guide world.
    • The first task was to look at horses, donkeys, mules, and camels!
      • Llamas were excluded from the list of ridable overworked mobs because there isn’t an easy place to find them yet in the world.
      • Sniffers are next on the list!
    • Working on a blacksmith’s house to contain the furnace array built before the PC went into the shop. All of the horses that have just been tamed also need a home.
      • Some stream time may be dedicated to brewing horses this week to see what statistics we can get.

Chunk Mail

FROM: EyeChay
SUBJECT: Reaching Parity

Hey Joel, and Jonny!

Long time listener, and enjoyer of the podcast! In the most recent episode (256) of the podcast, you discussed one area in which Bedrock Edition differed from Java Edition, by keeping potions in cauldrons. This, along with Mojang’s constant moving towards parity between the editions has caused me to ask a lot of questions about parity in Minecraft. 

As a Bedrock player myself, I have been asking for more use of the off-hand for many years now, and this is certainly my most pertinent desire. However, a friend who mainly plays Java recently joined my realm, and began to experience Bedrock systems such as the importance of trident killers, and the ease at which we are able to obtain tridents. This helped me to realize that for true parity, maybe Bedrock shouldn’t be the only edition that changes to align with Java.

Are there any mechanics in Bedrock that interest you to the point of desiring them in Java? Do you think that having two different systems is a good thing and adds diversity to the game? Thank you so much for your time and your thoughts!

EyeChay was crushed under the pile of tridents that he had collected in just one hour of hunting the drowned.

DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Changes For A Symptom 

Hi Jonny and Joel, 

I want to address the newest snapshot with the villager changes, book trades to be specific. The following thoughts are my personal opinion, and might not resonate with everyone. 

Changes for a symptom, but not the underlying problem. 

I think the reason why book trading plays such a central role in Minecraft trading is, because the enchanting system leaves the player with so little control, and so much frustration. It’s not so much a problem to people who play this game for a living or have just a lot of time on hand. I’m talking from the perspective of an adult with limited time. And the simple question is: Do you want to rinse and repeat the enchantments that come up, collecting levels over again for hours to get the enchantments you need to proceed to your project? This experience is so bad! And I think librarian trading halls are the player made solution for that, Minecraft players actually want to play the game.

I know many people will not be bothered by this change to book trades. They may even enjoy it as Mojang intends it, and there is nothing wrong with that. What I see is that Mojang is trying to block a player made workaround. I think the only way to get everyone on board with that, is to treat the underlying problem. The time consuming, and unrewarding process of enchanting. It’s a magic system. Make it fun! 

Mojang has proven over, and over that they are capable of balancing effort vs. reward. That’s why spreading out the different enchanted book trades over various biomes, and capping the max level available to trade feels so incomplete to me. It’s just nerfing, not improving. I just hope that enchanting is also on Mojang’s to-do list. Otherwise people will find yet another work around to gain back control over enchantments, in the vanilla game or with data packs.

My question for a potential discussion is how could villager book trades be improved without angering a large number of players? What are your initial thoughts on this? 

I’m very interested in other perspectives, maybe I’ve missed the point. 

Love the podcast! 

Greetings to the amazing community <3 

The N00K1E perished due to a broken heart, because her enchantment combinations were “to expensive”.

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Villager Trade Rebalancing

In the Java Edition snapshot this week, Mojang is proposing several changes to the way that players interact with villagers to trade for items. The biggest changes are happening to librarian villagers, where players will need to trade with librarians in different biomes around their Minecraft world in order to have access to specific enchanted book trades. These experimental features also include less dramatic changes to the wandering trader. Jonny, and Joel discuss their thoughts on the proposed changes to villager trading, and offer insight as to how the player experience could be improved if these changes move forward.