The Spawn Chunks 210: Bopping To The Ballot Box

Sep 12, 2022 | podcast

Joel, and Jonny discuss long roads, and implied history in Minecraft builds, the Minecraft Live 2022 teaser trailer, and answer listener email on potential rope mechanics, and rare blocks.

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  • Empires, Season 2
    • More sneaky lore-based builds on Empires that would – for now – be spoiled if revealed in detail.
    • In the planning stages of a large road, which is bringing up some habits to break when it comes to city building.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Kokorodaki
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist
SUBJECT: Key Golems

After the recent episode talking about ideas for a Minecraft Live mob vote, including discussion of pulling mobs from the other Minecraft games, I keep thinking about Dungeons mobs that I think might work well in Minecraft, and I keep coming back to the key golem. I’m not sure why I think it’d work well in Minecraft, and I don’t even have any ideas for what it could do, but in my mind it just fits really well. 

What do you guys think of key golems in Minecraft? How do you think they could be adapted to fit, and do you have any ideas on what they could do?

Kokorodaki died of starvation while trying to get the key golem to fit in the darn hole, but it kept running away.

FROM: Squeakelphant
SUBJECT: Rare Blocks

Joel and Jonny,

I was listening to an earlier episode and someone said they enjoyed the rarity of some blocks like crying obsidian and gilded blackstone. I was wondering if Mojang did an update to The End for 1.20 they could add more blocks like these, like “defined end stone bricks”. What are your thoughts?

Squeakelphant tried to swim in lava while trying to find gilded blackstone!

DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist (New)
SUBJECT: Mountain Rope Kit

Hello, gentlemen. This email is not associated with a specific episode, but while playing Bedrock on Xbox, I recently found myself frowning a bit at always having to pillar-up out of caves.

What are your thoughts on the addition of a type of ‘spelunking tool/kit’ to be able to safely lower and raise oneself into and out of a ravine, cave, off a cliff, etc?

With the relatively recent Caves and Cliffs update, I think this item would be a nice fit. This would be most useful in the early game. Perhaps the item could be associated with a new villager occupation, like Mountaineer, Sherpa, or something similar. If not a villager occupation, I’d imagine the resources needed to craft such an item would need to be hefty, since the amount of work it would likely save. Something like a full stack of string could yield a length of Mountain rope. Also, this mountain rope could only be anchored onto a specific (strong/sturdy) blocks to hold a player. 

I’m Not sure beyond that, but I know I would like not to have to place ‘alien’ pillars in beautiful, huge chasms simply as a means to exit. 


FROM: ASkulkOfFoxes
SUBJECT: Key Binds

Hello Pix and Joel! 

I originally bought Minecraft on my son’s Nintendo Switch since that’s what he plays everything on, but after watching many many YouTube videos and Twitch streams of people playing Java edition, I decided I wanted to play on my PC instead so I could take advantage of all the really cool data and resource packs that weren’t available on Bedrock. 

However, I’ve always been a console player, and figuring out how to control my character with a keyboard and mouse has been a major challenge. I don’t really like the default keybinds and would like to customize it to feel more natural to me. I know there are mods that allow you to use a controller, but I really want to learn to play with a keyboard and mouse.

What are your preferred keybinds? Do you just use the defaults or do you customize them? 

Thank you for your wonderful podcast and your streams. I’ve learned so much and truly can’t get enough.

ASkulkofFoxes fell into a ravine because he was looking down at his keyboard instead of watching where he was going.

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