The Spawn Chunks 194: Caves & Cliffs Part II In Review

May 23, 2022 | podcast

Joel and Jonny take a look at the first #Minecraft Pre-release for The Wild Update, get their wires crossed answering email, and take a look back at all The Caves & Cliffs Update Part II has brought players, and share their own gameplay experiences in the update.

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  • Joel
    • The Citadel
      • Took the Consignor building from bland symmetry, to an asymmetric success. Ultimately had to push the asymmetry, and comfort zone harder on one side.
      • Began work on the Canal Bakery, which sits on the edge of the canal that fills from what will be the moat of the keep.
        • Attempted a different set of blocks in the roof and only happy with half of it.
        • Had some fun with vines and moss where the proximity the canal and water made sense.
        • Dug the floor down a block to give the bakery, and shop more headspace and a grander looking oven.
        • The Citadel – Canal Bakery – Part 1 (
  • Jonny
    • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 2
      • Bits of the copper aging facility are now fully automatic!
        • Observers detecting the copper as it ages, counting the stages of aging with droppers, then ejecting the copper block once they’re done and automatically collection using the flying machine. 
        • The dropper ‘counting’ circuit needed a side input comparator to make sure it didn’t activate until the bottom dropper was full. Cake was placed. Cake was eaten. About 400 slices of cake were eaten to make sure each cake was at the right stage for the comparator output.
          • (It’s probably a better idea to use composters.)
      • Spent some time playing around with ender pearl stasis chambers and auto-teleporters for the first time.
        • Probably more ‘fun’ than ‘useful’, but lots of potential.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: KPharm
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Potential Use For Goat Horns


I’m generally not a fan of the goat horn, since it seems pretty limited, but your recent discussion triggered a thought about potential uses. What are your thoughts on having goat horns have the ability to repel a specific mob or maybe an annoying roaming pillager patrol? 

On the flip side, some goat horns could attract a mob such as dolphins, turtles, or sheep, etc. This could be handy because we have all had the situation when you are looking for a specific mob and you just can’t seem to find one when you need one! This would still be a pretty niche use case, but it could come in handy at some point during game play.

Thank you!

Sorry, I’m too old for a clever sign off

FROM: Ironcladislaous
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Coloured Redstone

Good day Jonny, and Joel!

While watching Pixlriffs’ recent David 3.0 upgrade episodes, a summer blockbuster movie thought occurred to me: What if you could dye redstone dust?

Such a minor feature would allow redstoners to have standard redstone dust “wires” as well as blue-dyed wires, green-dyed wires, et cetera. Dyed redstone dust would act the same as standard redstone dust with one exception: it could not connect to different “colored” redstone dust. Perhaps, you might even be able to ‘wash off’ any dye by rinsing it in a cauldron. Such an enhancement would not break any existing redstone contraptions since standard (un-dyed) redstone dust would still operate just as it does today.

What do you think?

Ironcladislaus died when he accidentally cut the wrong redstone wire and exploded the TNT trap.

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Caves & Cliffs Part II In Review

With The Wild Update now reaching the pre-release stage, Jonny and Joel chat about their respective experiences in The Caves & Cliffs Update Part II, sharing their biggest take aways, favourite features, and how the update has changed Minecraft for foreseeable the future.