The Spawn Chunks 191: Quick And Easy Or Hard And Fun

May 2, 2022 | podcast

Jonny and Joel discuss changes to The Warden in the latest Minecraft snapshot, bounce around community ideas about the echo shard, and discuss how high efficiency farms can benefit from a longer, more creative road.

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  • Jonny
    • Twitch Rivals
      • On the casting desk for another Twitch Rivals event Tuesday, April 26.
      • Some neat events, including a maze which three players had to guide a fourth through with an enhanced blindness effect, trading off who the blind player was at each checkpoint.
      •  Team FalseSymmetry was victorious
      • Twitch Rivals: Minecraft Medieval Mayhem ft. Pikaclicks (
    • The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 2
      • Set up a half decent wither skeleton farm. It’s just a wide fortress spawning platform, and even without wither roses involved it generates a lot of wither skulls, and coal.
      • Revising fun mechanics like basalt generators, and basalt bridger devices.
      • Began work on a guardian farm with a circular perimeter, with plans to drain it completely.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Shunosaurus
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Echo Shards And Note Blocks

Good Morning Pix and Joel,

I was listening to Episode 188 and your discussion about echo shards, and I was wondering if they could somehow work with noteblocks? What if you could craft a new noteblock type, an echo noteblock, by surrounding an echo shard with wood, like you do when crafting regular noteblocks with redstone? This new echo noteblock could then learn a mob’s sounds by having a mob of that type killed near it, like a skulk catalyst (although probably with a smaller range), and after the echo noteblock has learned the sounds of a mob, it can be “tuned” to play different sounds, and then playing it would make that sound, and attract mobs of that type like zombies to turtle eggs, or villagers to a workstation. This would give a greater incentive to visit Ancient Cities for better mob farm mechanisms, and would also pave the way for many a prank with creeper hisses and ghast screams on demand.

Shunosaurus jumped out of his chair when he heard an echo noteblock scream like a ghast.

FROM: GunsAndChips
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Echo Portals

Good morning Joel & Pix!

I’ve been inspired by Joel’s mention of the fast travel system on The Citadel in last week’s show, as well as the portals in the stunning pixel-art strategy game Kingdom.

Suppose using an echo shard on an ancient city portal would “activate” the shard, allowing you to use it on a regular deepslate frame, anywhere else in the world.

This would convert the regular deepslate to reinforced deepslate, and establish a link between the new reinforced deepslate frame, and the frame in the ancient city used to activate the echo shard.

After the portal is established, there should be a lower cost to use it.

Going with the skulk theme, perhaps you kill a mob inside the portal frame to activate it each time?

This would provide a consumable use for the echo shard – giving players reason to seek out Ancient Cities beyond the first few trips – without forcing a huge amount of exploration as they’re used fairly rarely.

What are your thoughts on this idea?

Take care!

GunsAndChips fell asleep trying to stay up and listen to the Spawn Chunks live recording, at 2am his time.

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The Easy Way, or The ‘Hard-but-Fun’ Way?

There are lots of low-effort, high-reward resource Minecraft farms out there. Should we always take the easiest route to success? Jonny and Joel weigh the pros and cons along the quick path, and the long road to achieve similar in-game goals when it comes to resource related proejcts.