The Spawn Chunks 180: Quality Of Life Dominos

Feb 14, 2022 | podcast

Joel and Jonny lay out the latest Minecraft news before answering listener email ranging from hotbar hot takes to online mapping tools, and from unseen swamp villages to inter-dimensional rainbow storage.

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  • Joel
    • All of Fabric 5
      • Found a good texture for the second floor of the main build Weirdly, its wool, from the Chipped mod. So, a sheep farm was needed.
      • All of Fabric 5 – Day 10 (
    • The Citadel
  • Jonny
    • Minecraft has been beaten in The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 2!
      • A textbook dragon fight, a ship and elytra in the very first End City, and handful of shulker boxes.
      • Ready to take to the air, and take on more resource farms in the overworld. 

Chunk Mail

FROM: Tarsirrus
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist
SUBJECT: Adding New Villages

Hi Joel & Jonny

You spoke a few weeks ago about new villager trades, but do you think the next update might be a good time for a whole new village?

With the update coming to swamps it seems like a great time to actually add swamp villages. Right now we just have the semi secret swamp villager outfit. Also, part of me is disappointed that the only mountain villages are in meadows and meadows villagers didn’t get a unique outfit, or house style.

Maybe the wild update is the not right place for a village update as villages aren’t exactly “wild”. Maybe later with the archeology update?

Thanks for the show.

Tarsirrus left to join a new village.

FROM: Levi D.
SUBJECT: Hotbar Swapping

Hi Joel and Pix,

I’ve been thinking about inventory management. What if we had a hot key, similar to the “F” key swapping items currently, where the key would swap an item in the hot bar and replace it with an item directly above it in your inventory?

I would use this to switch from my fortune pick into silk touch pick or vice versa. I’d go from using my axe to digging with a shovel. I think this idea essentially makes your hot bar twice the size without expanding your storage at all. 

What do you guys think?

Levi lived in the caves happily ever after, because there are no bad guys on mooshroom island.

FROM: MinerBat
SUBJECT: Returning Old Features


Throughout Minecraft history there have been many features removed, or only present in the game code. Recently many of these features have been re-added. Things like crying obsidian, lanterns, lecterns, etc. What are some of these old features you would like to see re-added to the game or at least inspire a new feature? 

Personally as a redstoner I would love to see something be done with gears. (Which were supposed to be redstone, before redstone was added.) They could be a component that can rotate rotatable blocks, like pistons, or it could be more ambitious and become a whole sub-category of redstone like slime machines or command block machines. 

Other features I would like are an isometric screenshot, the custom world type, and tables & chairs.

What would you like to see?

MinerBat was crushed by a giant zombie.

FROM: Dean B.
SUBJECT: Online Biome Finders

Hey Joel and Johnny!

Just wanted to get your opinions about using online biome finders like MineAtlas and Chunk Base to find new biomes. Personally, I like to use them whenever I am ready to establish a base, both starter bases, and mega bases when I have a specific build in mind. It can also be helpful finding new terrain like the big mountains in 1.18. However, I know that some people don’t like using them and would rather explore for themselves.

Dean fell out of the world because the owner of the realm has access to commands.

FROM: Kagan W.
SUBJECT: Enhanced Enderchests

Hello Joel and Pix,

I have several mines at different layers in my world and a theme of my mining village is that bulk storage is at every mine. I had an idea that I had not heard mentioned before. 

It would be nice to have two different kinds of ender chests. For example, one set of ender cheats could be for building blocks and supplies, and another ender chest could be for extra gear. Both sets would work the same, but would not be compatible. You could have red ender chests that share inventory with red ender chests, and blue ender chests that share inventory with blue ender chests. I think that would be useful in mining in 1.18 and maybe help with the constant inventory clutter problem. Not exactly a fix for that, but it could help a bit. 

Thanks for a great podcast!


FROM: WyldCard
SUBJECT: Emerging Mob Animation

Hey Jonny and Joel,

I was rewatching the Minecraft Live footage when I thought, what if other mobs could use the Warden’s “emerge” animation behavior? Imagine walking through a spruce forest in the middle of the night when you see zombies and skeletons emerging from the ground in the distance. Imagine how much more immersive this would feel! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for a great podcast! 

WyldCard was turned to rotten flesh by zombies.

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