The Spawn Chunks 179: What’s In Store

Feb 7, 2022 | podcast

Jonny and Joel unpack the latest developments in both Minecraft Java Edition and the Bedrock Beta, give a consult on brewing frustrations, and discuss various approaches to in-game storage, organization, item sorting, and mobile storage.

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  • Jonny
    • Automated bulk storage, and smelting in The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 2.
    • Gearing up for the dragon fight this week, knowing that searching for strongholds will be a tougher challenge in Minecraft 1.18.
    • Plugged Fasguy’s Minecraft Randomizer data pack into NeunEinser’s Minecraft Bingo map for a chaotic Minecraft Bingo session where anything could drop from any block, and still almost completed the card within two hours.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Ironcladislaous [iron-clad-iz-louse]
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist
SUBJECT: Wartless And Discouraged

Hello Jonny & Joel!

When real life allows it, survival [vanilla Minecraft] Bedrock Edition is one of my go to’s for expressing my creativity & inner engineer. Survival gives me access to Achievements, which I do enjoy accomplishing from time-to-time, so no cheats for me.

With 1.18, I started a new world, spawned in a taiga village with only a weaponsmith & nitwit. Many, many hours later, the village has grown to include numerous diamond-badged inhabitants. I am only missing clerics & potion brewing. I eventually found a sad Nether Fortress only to discover that it didn’t have either a nether wart room or even a single loot chest. I got plenty of blaze rods though. Lots of grinding later, a second, “nearby” Fortess was located, and it too, was sad: again, with neither a nether wart room nor any loot chests. Now, I am completely discouraged.

Since the Void gives me the heebie-jeebies, I’ve never been to the End… like ever. Without elytra, flying isn’t available, but I manage with boots & boats. What options are there to find nether wart to unlock potion brewing? Grinding to a 3rd, sad Fortress would be soul-crushing. I exaggerate, but it would be a bummer. I would really prefer *not* to start a new world. Without potions, though, the Nether is, and has been really dangerous – especially with Bedrock’s two gazillion ghasts spawning per chunk – and I’m hampered from tackling Ocean Monuments and the like. I’m not sure what to do, so I haven’t played in a bit. Any guidance or pointers you can provide would be appreciated!

Ironcladislaus saved & exited the game while surrounded by a swarm of screeching ghasts, staring at a sad Nether Fortress.

FROM: Maylor
SUBJECT: Colourful Chests

Heylo Spawnchunkers! 

Long time fan here! I, and many others have wanted a simple feature to come to Minecraft for a long time, chests for each wood type. If Mojang wanted to do this, I believe they would have prioritized this feature and done it already. With no news about this feature request, I started thinking about something else they could do to satisfy the fans.. Colorful, dyed chests.

Imagine a chest and dye recipe which would give you sixteen new coloured chest variants, leaving the original chest colour as the seventeenth. This would help with storage rooms sometimes droll aesthetic, allow extra pops of color to help decorating, and even with organization, like using a red chest for redstone, etc.

What do you think? Sounds like a fantastic idea to me but will Mojang ever do this?

Maylor was suffocated by his horde of junk

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Jonny and Joel open up about their various approaches to different levels of storage in Minecraft. From early game chest organization, to bulk storage of building resources, investing time in filtered storage to save time later, and the current state of traveling storage in Minecraft 1.18.