The Spawn Chunks 174: New Year, New Ambition

Jan 3, 2022 | podcast

Joel and Jonny talk about what they hope to see from Mojang Studios in the new year, answer email about slime, and wither mining, then discuss what they’d like to accomplish in Minecraft in 2022.

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  • Joel
    • Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nothing. Nadda.
      • Took a breather from Minecraft over the holidays to enjoy some other video games and films, refilling the inspiration tank for returning to building new things in the new year.
  • Jonny
    • Ticking off lots of early game activities in The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 2, and happy to be taking it slow.
      • Caving, fishing, nether exploration, and potion brewing.
      • Building with copper the way it was intended, letting it age naturally in the world.
      • Domesticating dungeon spawners, building basic auto farms for sugar cane, pumpkins, and melons.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Oscar
SUBJECT: The Pain Of Deepslate Mining

I have had the same experience as the rest of the Minecraft community with the pain of deepslate mining, and I’d like to suggest a possible solution! The Wither. 

Using The Wither to mine yields incredible amounts of deepslate, producing four shulkerboxs of deepslate in about 30 minutes. You just dig a long tunnel at diamond level – This way you get diamonds as well – then spawn the wither at the end and repeatedly punch it as you walk backwards. 

This is certainly not an early game technique, but this is a good way to get a lot of deepslate for a something like a mega project.

What do you think?

Oscar withered away whilst mining for deepslate.

FROM: Sam C.
SUBJECT: Slime Spawning Solution

Hi Pix and Joel,

In episode 172, Pixlriffs was discussing possible solutions for finding slime chunks without the use of external tools. What if there were a map of sorts that a cartographer would give you to indicate the location of slime chunks in a certain area? This map would give a straightforward top down view of slime spawning areas, as well as possibly suggest some lore in the game. 

Love to hear your thoughts,]


FROM: Joel No. 2
SUBJECT: Slime Switch

Hi Joel and Pix! Joel No. 2 here,

In a recent episode, Pirateguy01 emailed you about his issue of building his base in a slime chunk underground. I think I have a potential solution. You could capture a bunch of the slime and put them in a holding cell where they can’t attack you anymore. Once you have caught enough, no new slime will spawn, right? 

If you want the slimes out of sight, you can transport them to the top or bottom of the world, but in the same chunk. Or, if you want to incorporate them into your base, you can make a slime “ball pit” of sorts and break them all down into the small slimes and have an area where they can’t escape, but you can go in and bounce around with them if you want.

Let me know your thoughts! 🙂

Joel No. 2 lived happily ever after, bouncing with the baby slimes

FROM: PretzelPop12
SUBJECT: Wearable Storage

Hi Pix And Joel!

I’ve noticed that in 1.18 my inventory has been filling up much quicker than before when I’m caving and exploring. I don’t have access to shulkers yet, and I don’t enjoy having to have to stop at lava every few minutes to chuck in my string, gunpowder, wood, glowberries, lava buckets, and other half valuable items (which I use all the time) just to pick up diamonds. 

How do you feel about wearable storage? 

There are several mods that add backpacks to the game. More often than not the backpack takes over the chest plate slot. Is this a good trade? What about about a backpack that you can attach to a chestplate? You could craft it with leather, string, and the dye of your choice. My sister suggested a belt with a little pocket crafted with leather, string, dye, and a bundle – when and if bundles are added to the game. 

I would love to know how you feel about this idea! 

Keep up the great work! 

PretzelPop12 was blown up by a creeper while she was distracted listening to the spawn chunks.

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New Year, New Approach?

Joel and Jonny discuss what they are looking forward to doing in Minecraft this year, from projects motivated by the new 1.18 terrain to technical escapes from huge, version-spanning projects, to collaborating with server mates, and taking the opportunity of a fresh start to explore the game at a different, and more thoughtful pace.