The Spawn Chunks 173: Tiny Little Lights That Twinkle

Dec 27, 2021 | podcast

Jonny and Joel answer listener email in the December Chunk Mail Dispenser about Minecraft music achievements, lighting up your lush cave like a Christmas tree, and the age old question of the inventory you have vs. the inventory you want.

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Holiday Chunk Mail Dispenser

Jonny and Joel are spending some time with family over the holidays. The December Chunk Mail Dispenser was pre-recorded ahead of the holiday break. Thanks to everyone who listens to The Spawn Chunks! 2021 has been a fantastic year for the show. No matter if you listen weekly, share the podcast with friends, contribute an email, or support the podcast on Patreon, every engagement with the show has helped The Spawn Chunks tremendously. And of course, a big shout out to the wonderful and welcoming Discord community that continues to grow.

Happy Holidays! 

Chunk Mail

FROM: FlambeerPeer
SUBJECT: Music And Shaders

Hello Joel and Jonny,

I have been listening to The Spawn Chunks since your interview with Xisuma. I remember a while back you guys were talking about music in Minecraft being more region locked. What if Minecraft had a music achievements menu that would show you the music you have unlocked in an area. This could work like another game I love, (old-school) RuneScape. In RuneScape all music is tied to a specific area in the world, once you’ve been there you’ve unlocked the music. 

In Minecraft this could be done by making certain songs tied to biomes and/or dimensions. This would add a challenge to unlock all the music in the game and would give incentive for the player to explore the world. The menu could also allow you to play the songs you’ve unlocked, giving you a way to vibe to c418 alpha without adding lots of music discs.

Another possible addition could be boss fight music that plays during the ender dragon or wither fight.

Rik has died vibing to c418 alpha.

  • Infinite Music (
    • Fabric mod that dramatically reduces the time between Minecraft ambient music tracks playing.
  • Dynamic Music (
    • Fabric mod that adds more queues for music to play in Minecraft.

FROM: Kire137
SUBJECT: To Many Everythings

Hello, Pix and Joel!

Regarding a topic that you often touch on, many people have recommended adding new blocks, variants of blocks, and whatnot. I wonder if you would appreciate Mojang removing some items or blocks? I know they have done it before with the furnace minecart. Although the things they remove are usually replaced with something with a similar function. Following the example of the furnace minecart, adding powered rails.

There are very few “useless items” in Minecraft, but something that comes to mind is poisonous potatoes. As you said, Mojang has done pretty well adding very few of these, but they still clutter up inventory and storage. I know there is almost no chance Mojang will actually remove these, but I think it would please many players.

My real question is: would you appreciate some items or blocks being removed from Minecraft, and if you do, which ones would you remove?

Love the show, keep making awesome content!

Kire137 had a very witty sign-off, but was blown up by a creeper before he could type it.

FROM: Rosh & The Kitchen Crew
SUBJECT: Inventory vs. Inventory

Dear Spawn Chunks. This, is a group email. 

We work in a casino kitchen and we get to play our own radio. We argue all the time about what will be played but the one thing we’ve always agreed on over the last few years is listening to The Spawn Chunks as we all are avid Minecraft players!

We have thought long and hard over the years of what to ask you in email and we finally agreed on something that we talk about every episode. When you two gentlemen talk about where items are held on the player in Minecraft you say inventory [in-ven-try]. As if the player is inventing something with the objects held. We are used to calling it inventory. [in-ven-tor-y] As not inventing items but just an overview of stuff held by the play to hold in a catalog style.

We are from the deep south in America and half of us say it’s a language difference in the way that word is said and used. The other half of us believe it’s actually an inventory that’s inventing items.

Please settle this years-long argument for us so we can all enjoy the podcast and find something else to argue about!

Much love

The kitchen crew all died being cooked alive in a furnace.

FROM: Iryls
SUBJECT: Lush Cave Lighting

Hello Johnny and Joel! 

I’ve been exploring the new caves to hoard some small dripleaf. However, I often come across the issue of Lush caves being rather dark in large caverns. They are a huge pain to light up with torches because of aquifers, water pools and moss carpet getting in the way. The glow berries are simply too high up to provide any significant visibility, even when at their strongest. 

Mob spawning changes are nice, but what do I do when I need visibility? Do you think there is an effective way to light large lush caves without dealing with all the partial blocks and liquid blocks? Or should I stop sulking about glow berries being dim, and grab some night vision potions before hunting down dripleaf? (Otherwise only gained through the second worst mob in the game.)

Iryls was slain by Wandering Trader for ruining his small dripleaf monopoly.

FROM: Rnadomify
SUBJECT: My Minecraft 1.18 Experience.

Hello, Johnny & Joel. 

I’ve played Minecraft for a long time, most of my life really, and although I’ve taken breaks, I’ve always kept on on the news and the Minecraft community. 

When I started up a new world in Minecraft 1.18, I was planning on finding a decent sized cavern to make a base in, but the seed I got had a single tall jungle tree on a hill, and fate decided that I must build a treehouse.

I wonder how many people will go into a new world in 1.18 expecting to build one thing only to find the perfect place for another build entirely.

Rodomify fell of a vine while trying to build a treehouse.
(Actually happened)

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