The Spawn Chunks 169: Preparing For New Terrain

Nov 29, 2021 | podcast

Jonny and Joel review the final tweaks of The Caves & Cliffs Update, Part 2 ahead of the November 30th release, answer emails about how gameplay may shift in the update, and talk about how they’re preparing new, and existing worlds for mountainous change.

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  • Jonny
    • Preparing 1.18 content with some evergreen reference guides for new and returning players.
      • This includes the Glossary video, “The Minecraft Player’s Dictionary” which involved diving into all sorts of gameplay for a few brief minutes.
      • The first to be recorded in The Survival Guide Season 2 will be a video about world settings, which will end with the creation of the new world for Season 2.
    • Re-Creating My Custom Mountains with LEGO Minecraft Sets (

Chunk Mail

FROM: SunnyBrookOne
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist
SUBJECT: Flower Pot Bonsai

Happy Holidays you two!

Regarding “Should all saplings look and act more like Azalea saplings?” from a recent episode, I agree that the natural growing mechanic should stay – I rely on it heavily myself in early survival – but the thought of having unique 3D model versions of each sapling was really cool.

What if bone-mealing a sapling in a flower pot caused it to go from the 2D model to a new 3D model? That would preserve the base sapling’s auto-grow function, while also giving us a wider variety of “bonsai” like trees to use for decoration or as bush bases for the other leaf types.

I know this would add even more items to the already bursting block library, but I have faith that the developers will come up with a unique, functional solution to our inventory woes soon.

Thanks for reading, and as always for the delightful discussions.

SunnybrookOne eats some suspicious stew & hallucinates that her bonsai trees reveal the meaning of life…then promptly forgets what they said.

FROM: MinecraftMamma
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: 1.18 Strategy

Hey Joel and Johnny! 

I’ve been playing in the new snapshots since they started coming out, eager to explore the new caves and world generation. I’ve started up a few new worlds in survival and I’ve found that my approach to the game has completely changed and this has brought on an annoying problem. Before the update, I stayed around the world spawn point, maybe found the nearest village and set up camp, did a little bit of caving and branch mining and then later on did some exploring usually using maps. Now with this amazing new world generation I immediately want to explore both the surface and the caves, find the most amazing spot to set up camp, but also explore up high to find iron in the mountains and high caves.

I play for an hour or two, get some resources and armour, start caving and then die. Not having set a spawn point near because I’ve slept through the night and then brought my bed with me, I’ve respawn at world spawn not sure how to find my way back to my stuff, deep down in some cave. Not sure where it is, or what to do next, I rage quit. 

I realise I need a new strategy for 1.18 but I’m not sure what that is. 

Should I start mass producing beds in early game, leaving a trail of them  behind me? Should I be more patient and set up camp at world spawn anyway and wait to explore? That feels boring! I want to explore immediately! 

I’m sure you two have some thoughts on this problem, and I’m sure other players like me who tend to die a lot will have the same issue.  

Greeting from a birch forest on the outskirts of Stockholm  


FROM: Tim S.
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Looking Forward To Exploration

Hello Joel and Johnny!

I first started playing Minecraft on the Xbox at about the time 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Part 1 came out. I started a long-term world, but since I knew that 1.18 was coming shortly, I didn’t dare travel more than a few hundred blocks from spawn. I want to keep the world around and I don’t think console players have the ability to trim chunks.

Any tips for someone who is just venturing out for the first time on a longer adventure after 1.18 drops?


Tim got lost looking for a lush cave

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How To Prepare For The Caves & Cliffs Update, Part 2

Jonny and Joel discuss the technical preparations and gameplay challenges involved with moving from The Caves & Cliffs Update, Part 1, to Part 2. Updating existing worlds, and trimming chunks, planning gameplay, and strategy, and thinking about how Minecraft 1.18 may rejuvenate older parts of existing worlds by adding depth.