The Spawn Chunks 168: A Look Back At Caves & Cliffs Part 1

Nov 22, 2021 | podcast

Joel and Jonny review the landslide of Pre-releases for The Caves & Cliffs Update Part 2 ahead of the November 30th release date, answer emails about Minecraft pets, and take a look back at their experience in playing Part 1 of this massive update.

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  • Jonny
    • Spent most of the week working on the ‘Episode 0’ of The Minecraft Survival Guide, Season 2.
    • Drew for first place in November’s Clash of the Creators, a mob hunt with natural health regeneration disabled. Player deaths also deducted 1 point from the team total.
    • Commentated Twitch Rivals MineDraft 2 Finale (

Chunk Mail

FROM: Caitlin O.
SUBJECT: More Independent Pets


As I listened to your most recent discussion of the allay (and other mobs from the 2021 vote) I was reminded of how much I wish pets in Minecraft could act independently around your base.

It’s always disappointing to tame a wolf, cat, or bird only for them to end up “sitting” in your house forever, or risk losing them. 

My current solution is to trap and name tag untamed animals and pretend they are tame, but I find myself wishing there was a third setting of “roam” between “sit” and “follow”.

With roam, they could path find around without automatically following you or teleporting to you. Imagine coming home from a mining expedition and your cat wanders over to say hi! I think it would add more life to the background of the game with what seems like a simple addition.

I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Thanks so much 🙂

Caitlin cries as her fifth cat drowns under the dock…

FROM: Ori L.
SUBJECT: Minecraft Pets

Hello Pix and Joel,

As a beginner in the minecraft community and a lover of animals I was amazed when I found out that taming animals was a feature. But as I kept playing I noticed that there isn’t much benefit or any sense of progression to this otherwise cool idea. Having tamed an animal can sometimes be more of a nuisance than an enjoyment. 

What if once you tamed an animal, it was more dependent on their owner? You would have to feed them and let them drink; they would also need space to walk and play. Without these things your pet might run away or sadly, die. 

What if different pets could also learn different skills? These skills can range from attacking to fetching. This way pets could help you and it would add a sense of progression. 

I would love your input. Really enjoy the show.

Ori got attacked by a well trained parrot…

FROM: Skantily Clad
SUBJECT: Mining Deepslate

Hey Johnny and Joel

I was listening to your Chunk Mail Dispenser episode and you mentioned the marginal benefits of netherite compared to diamonds and it got me thinking about the new updates 1.17 and 1.18.

Would it not make sense for netherite picks to insta-mine deepslate and other new slower to mine blocks, with haste II on a beacon?

I heard there was a bit of a ho-hum from the technical players finding it incredibly difficult to make perimeters  because of the blast resistance and mining time.

I think this would make the grind for netherite worth it for everyone not just technical players. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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A Look Back At The Caves & Cliffs Update, Part 1

With Part 2 of The Caves & Cliffs Update is set to drop early next week, Jonny and Joel take some time this week to review their time in Part 1 and share their highlights, surprises, what features were left unexplored, and what frustrations are hope to be alleviated in Part 2.