The Spawn Chunks 160: Below The Bedrock

Sep 27, 2021 | podcast

Joel and Jonny discuss the progression of the latest Minecraft snapshot, and Bedrock Beta versions before answering listener email on the September Chunk Mail Dispenser episode.

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  • Jonny
    • Trading for turtle eggs in Empires SMP and planning a build based on an ant hill.
    • Checked out the latest Java Edition snapshot and Bedrock Beta.
    • Another successful outing in Clash of the Creators!

Chunk Mail

FROM: The Stranger
SUBJECT: Minecraft Dungeons DLC Confusion

Greetings, Pix and Joel!

I have been saving up to buy Minecraft Dungeons and I want to be able to play all the DLCs and whatever extra levels are available. However, I am having difficulty understanding the language the Minecraft Dungeons website uses when it talks about the various bundles you can get. 

What is the difference between buying the Standard Edition with the Ultimate DLC Bundle and buying the Ultimate Edition

Do they include the same amount of content, or do you get more content out of one as opposed to the other?

Thanks for your help,


FROM: Justin P.
SUBJECT: Additional Use For Smithing Table

Johnny and Joel! Long time creeper (though far less explosive), first time email sender.

I had a thought regarding a possible new use for the smithing table, as it seems somewhat limited in only upgrading diamond to Netherite. Basically, I was thinking of using banner patterns to add symbols to armor. Imagine having a group of server mates share an emblem, like a flower for farmers or globe for explorers. I’m sure griefers would love the creeper head.

If you wanted to take it further, you could even use the banner patterns to create a reusable embossing item for use with the smithing table. Dyes might play in here somewhere as well. We already have precedents for both coloring and patterning battle items (leather armor and shields respectively), so why not let us put a symbol on a chest plate?

I love your show, guys!  It always helps inspire me to try new things in Minecraft and beyond!

Justin was slain by a zombie wearing a very stylish chestplate.


FROM: MechMorphic
SUBJECT: Email Subject

Hi Joel and Jonny!

I’ve been listening to Episode 157 of The Spawn Chunks, and your discussion about the variety of dangers in The Overworld in comparison to The End, and one thing that stood out to me that you mentioned was the day/night cycle. 

What if The End went through a number of phases that could change how the environment in The End behaved? This could be marked by the void sky changing colour, and the effects would only be applied to certain outer End biomes so that the dragon fight would be unaffected. Certain mobs might exhibit different behavior in different cycles, like how spiders in The Overworld are neutral in the daytime but aggressive at night. Maybe there could be plants in The End that produce some liquid called “end goop”, but only at certain phases of this cycle? 

I know that the next update may not be The End update. Personally I want a weather update that could add weather to The Nether as well as mixing up The Overworld weather a bit, but that’s neither here nor there.

MechMorphic died to a cactus because he was distracted by such an amazing podcast.

FROM: Ezra H.
SUBJECT: The Endgame For Non Builders

Hello Joel and Pix!

I have been playing Minecraft for almost seven years now, and I don’t really associate with any ‘group.’ I build, explore, PVP, and do redstone. I know both of you are builders, but my question is, what is the endgame for non-builders? When you reach the end game, you build farms, and then have access to almost every block in the game.

What do you guys do personally besides build?

Thanks for the amazing podcast!


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