The Spawn Chunks 137: The Caves And Cliffs Split

Apr 19, 2021

Jonny and Joel discuss the news that Mojang is splitting The Caves And Cliffs Update into two separate updates, slated for summer and holiday 2021, as well as the new features and textures introduced in the latest Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot.

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  • Joel
    • River-scaping, foot paths, and new buildings on the east bank of the river in the medieval town.
    • Played in Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot 21W15A with The Caves And Cliffs Prototype data pack.
  • Jonny
    • Worked on the build style for the hallways, corridors and connecting areas at the Survival Guide Museum.
    • Took Minecraft RTX into the latest Bedrock Edition beta to have a look at the new cave generation and how RTX lighting effects underground cave generation and exploration.
      • Lava-lit caverns and unintentional ice caves!

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Temo
SUBJECT: Dripstone Bricks And Storage Solutions

Hi Johnny and Joel,

Like everyone, I’m extremely excited for Caves and Cliffs, and I have a couple of hopes for the update and was wondering what you think of them.

As someone who lives in the UK, I’ve seen a lot of castles and used to drive past one everyday on my way to work, but I’ve always been put off building castles in minecraft because the stone colours in minecraft have never been right to me. Most castles I’ve seen in the UK  are built from sandstone or limestone. Sandstone in Minecraft is far too bright and the stone bricks are… Just grey.

I think dripstone has a creamy/ brown colour and texture that’s much more realistic and I would love to see a brick variant so I can finally build the castle of my dreams.

Also, I had an idea for a storage solution! Just like we’ve gotten new smelting and crafting blocks for specific uses, why not more storage blocks!

I was thinking we could have storage blocks with more slots but limited to only hold certain items. Or, new storage blocks that can hold everything, but double stack sizes on certain items, even current items that are non-stackable.

As an example, barrels could be used for water related items, trap chests for redstone and minecart chests for ores and stones.

More storage blocks would also be great for decorating. Imagine a treasure chest that can only be found in generated structures and crates for storing food and even a weapon stand to go next to your armour stand.

Thanks to both of you for such an amazing podcast. 

I have to go now and do my daily chest-monster clear out.


FROM: Charles R.
SUBJECT: Automation In The Caves & Cliffs Update

Hi Johnny and Joel,

I was listening to  your conversation about iron farms in Episode 136. I am a very technical player, (I’m currently building the same pumpkin and melon farm as the one on Scicraft in my singleplayer world.) During snapshot 21W14A, I started up a new hardcore world. It only lasted a few days, but as I started to look for iron, I found that my old method of finding iron did not work very well as iron generates different in 1.17 compared to 1.16. Feeling frustrated, I went back to the surface and in about 20 minutes, I had an iron farm up and running that produced 150 iron per hour.

Do you think that more veteran players will look to automation instead of mining due to the strategy changes.

Keep on automating,


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Aime R.

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The Caves & Cliffs Update Split

Jonny and Joel discuss the importance of Mojang’s decision to split The Caves & Cliffs Update into a 1.17 release, slated for this summer, and a 1.18 release aimed at the holidays later this year, before breaking down – as of right now – what players can expect to be included in the 1.17 summer update, and speculating about their plans as players and content creators with regards to the change in the Minecraft update schedule.