The Spawn Chunks 134: What’s Left For Caves & Cliffs

Mar 29, 2021

Joel and Jonny catch you up on what they’ve been doing in Minecraft, then look ahead to what is left to explore in the Caves & Cliffs Update snapshots, like the deep dark and archaeology.

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  • Joel
    • I built… a wall. Granted it’s a really big wall.
    • The light level powered villager crop farms in Dartmouth Meadows are broken.

Minecraft Community Spotlight

Chunk Mail

FROM: (Other) Joel S.
SUBJECT: A Potential Lighting Solution

Hi Joel and Jonny!

I have an idea for a lighting solution which might fit in well with the feel of Minecraft and with the progression. It may also fit in well with the new features added in The Caves And Cliffs Update. What about a new type of caving lantern that is directional. The crafting recipe could be the same as that of a regular lantern, but with an amethyst shard replacing one of the iron nuggets on the left or the right. This lantern would then have twice the radius (reach) of a regular lantern or torch on one side of the lantern, but on the other side it would cast no light at all. This would give a good reason to farm geodes and it would also make caving more interesting. Also, maybe it could use copper instead of iron, in order to give copper more uses. The copper color might fit in better with a more grungy caving feel too.

I would say that <clever quip here> has left the chat, but I plan on sticking around.


PS: Jonny, I still get startled sometimes when you refer to Joel by name on the podcast, since that’s my name as well! So, during your podcast, when you asked, “What do you think, Joel?” I decided to email you guys and let you know what I think about this potential lighting solution.

  • Joel Prime approves this message.

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What’s Left To Explore In The Caves & Cliffs Snapshots?

During a light news week, Joel and Jonny discuss update features like The Deep Dark and archaeology, and other bullet points the Minecraft community may see coming in future Caves & Cliffs snapshots.


Archaeology discussion starts at about 28:00min.

FROM: Firestar – Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Getting Dangerous In The Deep Dark

Hey Johnny and Joel! 

I’ve been recently enjoying having the extra Render Distance to listen to every week. 

I had an idea for the deep dark, that could make it a bit more dangerous. I feel that as strong as the warden is, you could avoid it by ducking under a pillar, like you would do for an enderman, or maybe pillaring up like you do with an iron golem in a speedrun. I was thinking underground, the world could go down to Y=-80. Then, some sections of the deep dark could inflict void damage, and maybe you’d need a special potion or enchantment that would let you not have void damage between
y= -64 and y= -80. I feel like that could be a really cool aspect of the deep dark, making it more dangerous, and more interesting. Any thoughts?

Stay Chunky!

FROM: Ry(is)Awesome – Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Getting Dangerous In The Deep Dark

Hi Joel and Pix!

I had an idea about The Warden. What if The Warden communicated with nearby sculk sensors rather than directly sensing you? This would encourage players to mine the sculk sensors and not kill The Warden. By breaking the sculk sensors you would disable The Warden’s ability to sense you and allow you to mine whatever sculk block and loot whatever chest you need. 

Hope to hear you thoughts.

Sneaking away…