The Spawn Chunks 126: Dispensing With Copper Concerns

Feb 1, 2021

Joel and Jonny shoot out some ideas about dispensers waxing copper blocks in the the latest Bedrock Beta before discussing how glow ink could change lighting blocks, and the pace of modern day Minecraft play.

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  • Jonny
    • The biomes exhibit for  the Survival Guide museum.
    • Raiding a piglin bastion in Minecraft RTX

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Prowl – Landscape Artist Member

Hey Pix and Joel, loved the latest episode of the podcast (OK I love them all) and I have an idea to add some functionality to the glow ink sacks that I think would be a great addition to the game, and I think relevant with this latest snapshot.

So, glow squids drop these glow ink sacks, which we could then be able to combine with dye of any color to make glow dye of that color. We could then take that colored glow dye, and combine it either into the recipe to create a sea lantern / end rod, or with the sea lantern / end rod itself, turning the sea lantern / end rod block model that color, and have it emit that shade of light.

I think using only these two blocks for this functionality makes sense, since these light sources are white, it would make sense that their components could be dyed to change their color, and the color of their light. Further, I think Mojang could either make the decision to keep the light level emitted the same as it is currently, or make it so darker color dye’s lower the amount of light emitted, vs lighter colors emitting a higher light level.

Thanks for the continued entertainment, information, and insight from your show, and keep up the great work!


FROM: Beyonder
SUBJECT: Players Over Time

Hi Johnny and Joel!

I have been playing Minecraft for a long time, Since early 2012, One of the largest changes I have noticed is the change in players. As I see younger generations get into the game I see them play the game in a much different style than we used to. New players, and the general climate of the game has changed, The general play style has transferred to a much more rushed/ grindy playstyle over the years. Back in the older times, Beta, or 1.0 the game seemed to be much more slow paced and chill. It seemed much more simplistic, and doing tasks such as fighting the ender dragon or wither where much more of a challenge, and event in itself rather than a step to progress in the game. For example now the ender dragon is mostly fought to segway into elytras and shulker boxes. I am curious as to how you feel about the way the player climate has evolved over the years, and whether you think these changes to the climate are for the better, or if you feel that people should slow down a bit.

Love the show, has been an absolute staple to doing my work in these times!

The Changing Pace Of Minecraft Play

Prompted by Beyonder’s email, Joel and Jonny discuss the various ways modern players approach Minecraft, and why the perceived culture is that of fast paced, blitz grind to the end mentality. Are all modern Minecraft players in a race to beat the game? Where are the chill players out there? Where to Jonny and Joel consider themselves in the race to The End?