The Spawn Chunks 123: Farewell To Minecraft Earth

Jan 11, 2021

Jonny and Joel say goodbye to Minecraft Earth and discuss Minecraft Dungeons speed runs before an email lead conversation about Minecraft music, and the trickle out Caves & Cliffs update release schedule.

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  • Joel
    • Finished the south gate of the medieval town and have moved on to the east gate.
    • Along with the east gate has come the need to plan the eastern road, town square, and roads connecting the east to the west side of the river.
  • Jonny
    • Built a medieval house with some interior design with Minecraft RTX lighting.
    • Nether hub work on The Survival Guide
    • Farming lava in Skyblock.
    • Smithsonian Open Access (
      • The Smithsonian Institution, responsible for a large volume of museums and galleries in the USA, just released a huge number of images into the public domain, meaning they can be used by artists and educators without attribution.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Paulbo Baggins – Content Engineer Member
SUBJECT: Powdered Snow, Protection, And Frozen Caves

Hey Johnny and Joel! 

As I was listening to a discussion about powder snow in Episode 121, I had an idea for powder snow. What if Mojang added a frozen cave potentially found in mountain biomes? The entrance could be through a powdered snow trap, and perhaps the cave could contain a stray spawner, or loot chests that contain the “snow walker” enchantment Sam C. mentioned in his email on Episode 121. On that note, I also think frost walker would work to “defend” against powder snow, in that it might freeze over the top layer of snow to let you walk safely across

I wish you and the entire Spawn Chunks community a very chunky new year!

Paulbo Baggins

FROM: Pantamime
SUBJECT: Vertical Nether Travel

Hey Johnny and Joel!

I love the show and really enjoy the amazing discussions I find here. Makes the grind more enjoyable.

I just listened to Episode 122 and heard the topic of the difficulty that comes from moving upwards in the Nether quickly. I instantly thought of geysers. For those that are not aware, geysers occur when water deep underground is heated to high temperatures, increasing the pressure in the chamber containing the water, until the water comes blasting out. 

What if there were blocks in the Nether where water managed to not evaporate? These could instead create columns of water that have the potential to shoot the player upwards automatically. They could act like monster spawner, wherein they are unobtainable. Any thoughts?

Keep suspiciously milking those brown mooshrooms! 


The Minecraft Update Cycle

Thanks to the email from Parker S., Jonny and Joel divide this week’s discussion between what they hope, and suspect might be coming with The Caves & Cliffs Update as far as new Minecraft music is concerned, and the logistics, and pros and cons, of Mojang announcing The Caves & Cliffs Update early in development, so far ahead of the proposed release date.

FROM: Parker S.
SUBJECT: Music And The Minecraft Update Cycle

Hey Jonny and Joel!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how music creates ambience in games. I recently finished the game Hollow Knight and I liked the way the music was set to be ambience that added to the experience. I like the Minecraft music for the same thing but in a different way. Unlike Hollow Knight, Minecraft doesn’t always have music playing. I never notice when music in Minecraft starts – Unless I put Pigstep into my jukebox. – but when the subtle ambient music is playing in the background it always heightens my experience of the game. I think the large expanse of caves needs a touch up on it’s music, especially with this new update and I’m really excited to see how the ambiance of the new different types of caves could be complemented with just that touch of music.

I also wanted to touch on the way the Caves & Cliffs Update was introduced. I’m of the opinion that a lot being introduced at once but with little detail, like the spyglass being introduced on announcement but not a lot of info being given about it, is a good thing. It gives the community a lot to speculate about, and time to speculate about it, which I find really fun.

Do you guys think the introduction to the update could’ve been done differently or better?

Off to explore for my own answers,