The Spawn Chunks 121: Holiday Chunk Mail Bag

Dec 28, 2020

Jonny and Joel touch lightly on the Minecraft Dungeons “Chills & Thrills” seasonal event before diving into a stocking full of Chunk Mail from listeners about everything from Bedrock and The Deep Dark, to copper hoppers and LEGO.

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  • Joel
    • Hunting for Fabric based Twitch integration mods beyond just in game chat.
      • Looking for a mode with functionality like:
      • Twitch Spawn by iGoodie (
      • Frustrated as all heck with the CurseForge website “search function”.
    • Medieval building on The Citadel will continue over the holiday break.
  • Jonny
    • Converted The Survival Guide to Bedrock Edition to tour the world with Minecraft RTX enabled!
    • The Museum Archive is now finding room for coral and bulk storage items.
      • Question for listeners: What Minecraft items do you normally need bulk storage for?
  • Render Distance Post Show
    • Jonny had to duck out to join Xisumavoid and a host of other creators in a “Clash of the Creators” speed run.

Chunk Mail Dispenser

FROM: Knox Gagnon
SUBJECT: Bedrock Edition

I’m starting to feel like the Bedrock version of Minecraft is being neglected. Mojang keeps adding more and more to the Minecraft Marketplace to make more money off of us, but they still haven’t given us the parity we want. 

Why can’t we use our offhand like it is used in the Java version? Why can’t we build on top of the nether roof? Why don’t we have hardcore or spectator mode? It doesn’t make sense! Why can’t we customize our super flat worlds? Why don’t we have spectral arrows? How come when I make a tiny gold farm it crashes the game? Why are there no data tags in Bedrock Edition? Why don’t we have “advancements” instead of “achievements”? Why can’t I play older versions of the game? Why don’t creepers drop all the items they explode? Why are there no furnace minecarts in Bedrock? 

There are so many things we as Bedrock players want that Mojang has not added (and probably won’t add), but instead they waste their time adding the skin editor to the game so we can buy even more stuff from them!

SUBJECT: Wool vs. Warden

Hi Jonny and Joel! love the podcast and can’t wait for every episode (I turned on notifications just for you).

In the last episode, you discussed the Warden and how you could use wool to dampen certain sounds. I had an idea that was inspired by the way torches work. When you place a torch, it can light up to 14 blocks of emptiness. And in those 14 blocks, hostile mobs can’t spawn in. (Where the light level is above 7.) Now think of that mechanic, but instead of light, it’s vibration dampening. This way, when you place a wool block, it will (at least) dampen the sounds and vibrations for Warden. And this doesn’t mean it will be completely oblivious to your movement, just hindered by the wool.

If the Deep Dark turns out to be what I expect it to be, then I will be heading down to the biome often. And with this way of using wool, you won’t have to destroy the environment and take away from that Deep Dark vibe by having wool everywhere. I would like to add that I don’t think this mechanic should cross over to skulk sensors because this could really mess with some redstone contraptions.

What do you think about this way of dealing with the Warden? Do you think it’s better than wearing leather boots?

Keep up the amazing work, and have a chunky day!

FROM: Sam C.
SUBJECT: Replace Leather Boots Function With Enchantment

Hi Pixlriffs and Joel,

1.17 will have no shortage of traps on multiplayer servers, thanks to the new addition of powdered snow, but the fact that the experienced Minecraft player will have to wear leather boots practically all the time to prevent falling through any powdered snow may anger some players. 

A solution to that may be to have an enchantment to add to any type of boots, perhaps called “snow walker” or something along those lines. To make that enchantment even rarer, this enchantment could be considered a “treasure enchantment,” or an enchant only found in loot chests. This would make it so players would have to find an enchanted book in loot chests, (Possibly underground. Hello Deep Dark!) as opposed to having a villager who could trade you an infinite number of “snow walker” enchanted books.

This would make it so that players would still have to put in effort to not fall through powdered snow every five minutes, but could still wear their precious netherite (or diamond) boots.

FROM: The_00Squirrel – Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: LEGO Question and Digital Table-top Tip

Hi Johnny and Joel, patreon supporter here.

Quick question for Joel:

You’ve mentioned using LEGO as inspiration for Minecraft builds before. Have you ever thought of trying to recreate things in Minecraft, possibly using LEGO as a scale? One thing I remember you mentioning on The Citadel Cafe a few weeks ago was the A-wing Ultimate Collectors Edition LEGO set. Have you ever thought of recreating things from Star Wars in Minecraft?

Also, a little friendly advice to pass long to The Spawn Chunks community, touching on the fairly recent discussion about Minecraft being used for D&D. I can’t remember who sent in that email but I want to recommend they look into software called TableTop Simulator, which costs around £20 on Steam and is a massive, open sandbox tool for playing any kind of tabletop game long distance, from D&D to chess, to Warhammer etc. I would highly recommend anyone who wishes to play any kind of board game or tabletop game online to check it out.

Thanks for the amazing podcast you do every week, and have a chunky Christmas.

FROM: LucidWolf
SUBJECT: Copper Pipes

Howdy Joel and Pix!

Listening to your discussion in Episode 119 about more uses for copper, I really like Joel’s idea about copper pipes. I wanted to add something to the idea to distinguish copper pipes from hoppers. What if copper pipes could only send items in one direction along a chain of pipes? Like hoppers they would check from one side for input, but unlike hoppers they would only send items in one direction along the chain? There’s also potential for the direction to be reversed with a redstone input. Hope to hear your thoughts on the idea!

Keep on chunking!

FROM: LunaRover
SUBJECT: Bundling Bundles Up

Season’s Greetings, Jonny and Joel.

I have been enjoying your speculation about bundles in Minecraft snapshots, but an idea has struck me straight in the chunky face.

Why can’t we have separate inventory slots for bundles?

Like slots for armour and shields, nothing except bundles would be able to be put in those places. Mojang could add around four `bundle slots` somewhere in the inventory. I haven’t started a snapshot survival world but I think they could be used for mob drops, food, miscellaneous items and farming items. Chests and other GUI interfaces would not be able to have these bundle slots. I’m all about carrying on what’s already there.

Also, these bundle slots could teach new players about bundles as they would have silhouette images of bundles in these empty inventory slots.

What do you think?

Chunks for the show!