The Spawn Chunks 119: Quiet Speculation

Dec 14, 2020

Jonny and Joel touch on a few light news bullets like the release of Minecraft RTX on Windows 10, before discussing the potential mechanics of The Warden, and speculating on what the future may hold for the Caves & Cliffs Update.

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  • Joel
    • Finally put a back on the front gate of the (unnamed) medieval town so it doesn’t look like a theme park.
    • Did a lot of infrastructure planning with roads, river sculpting, and continuing the curtain wall.
  • Jonny
    • Continued work on the museum archive and actually had to add more storage this weekend.
    • Raided a woodland mansion in Don’t Die December, Hardcore multiplayer.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Whitebush – Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Mojang’s Contradictory Warden Philosophy

Hey Pix and Joel,

First, a quick note on Minecraft in VR. I have the Rift S. The first time I loaded up MC on it, my world took on a completely new feel. To be able to experience your own world in VR makes all of your work feel like a true accomplishment, and actually more ‘valuable’, more worth the time you’ve put into it. Pix, I highly recommend waiting until you finish the museum to try it. Virtually walking through it will blow your mind. For normal play, I still prefer to not use VR, as regular play is easier on your eyes, your head and others around you during long sessions. 

I also wanted to get your thoughts on a comment made during a recent Ask Mojang video. When talking about the Warden, the question was asked if there would be some way for players to silence their steps, whether through gear or a potion or something similar. Agnes responded that they didn’t want to add a mechanic to the game that would cancel another gameplay mechanic that they added previously.

It made sense on the surface, but after thinking more about it, Minecraft is already filled with game play mechanics that have something else that cancels it out or extremely limits another original mechanic. Fire protection potions cancel fire issues, slow falling potions turn shulkers into a minor annoyance, carved pumpkins and enderman, milk and the wither effect, dogs scare skeletons, cats scare creepers, gold armor and piglins, the list goes on.

So the question is, especially in view of how hard it is expected to be, do you think there should be some way of ‘getting around’ the Warden (ie: gear/potions/enchantment) like there is for most other things in Minecraft, or should it’s sound sensing mechanics be one of the few standouts?

Keep up the great podcast and I’ll keep the camels coming, 


FROM: Phantom
SUBJECT: New Dogs For 1.17

Hi Joel and Johnny!

Love the show and I thought about a potential minecraft update feature, can’t wait to hear your input.

After 1.14, cats have gotten all the love! I think it’s only fair that our canine companions get more representation in this wonderful game. I suggest that dogs have varying skins and breeds, they could have more functionality too.

Different dog breeds could spawn in different villages, depending on the villagers and location of the village. So if your villagers are in a snowy or taiga biome, the dog could be a wolf or husky breed, but if the village is in a plains biome, the dog breed could be a golden retriever or beagle.

Cats can collect mob drops like gunpowder or rabbit hide when you sleep. Dogs could have different function depending on the biome they’re in. A golden retriever could be running around playing in a flower forest, a husky could be searching for food, and a jack russell could be hunting for fox in a taiga biome. This could help players in the early game to do functions like get food and fight mobs, and help players find biomes.

How would the dogs get along with other mobs? I think dogs should be more playful then cats and with passive mobs they could play and try to have fun with those mobs like polar bears, and they could get food from animals like fish or the fox.

Of course they should be able to help out in battle, and one the ways they could do that is give you a beacon like power, this could give you a low strength effect or speed.

Cant wait to see if mojang decides to implement a dog refresh,

Have a good chunk!

A Taste Of Speculation

Thanks to Crimson Kaiju, Ryan R., Galaxy512 and JabicZF for additional emails all asking: Now that we’ve had a taste of what The Caves & Cliffs Update will include, what sort of yet to be announced features would we want to see added to Minecraft 1.17 in 2021?