The Spawn Chunks 118: Skulk Sensory Overload With LogicalGeekBoy

Dec 8, 2020

Joel and Jonny sound off with guest LogicalGeekBoy on the new Caves & Cliffs snapshot with the first look at skulk sensors, additional dripstone formations, and custom world build height value adjustments that may open up your Minecraft world to new horizons.

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  • Jonny
    • Playing on a new hardcore SMP called “Don’t Die December” as part of the St. Jude fundraising stream rewards.
    • Working on actually using the Survival Guide Museum Archive for functional storage.
  • Joel
    • Tackling the front gate of the walled town south of the medieval farmsteads built over the past few weeks.
    • Some challenging shapes after basing the build on an illustration by Korean artist, Muel Kim.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Paulbo_Baggins – Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Possible Copper Solution

Hey guys!

I had an idea for how to automate copper, if you went far away from any area where you might be, you could set up a chunk loader that would load an area where you placed copper down, you could then have an observer that will shut the chunk loader off once the copper reaches a certain stage, then you could come back to wax the copper.

I became a landscape artist supporter on Patreon recently, and I have really enjoyed the community.

Don’t get oxidized!


P.S. if your interested, fully oxidized copper is called copper hydroxycarbonate.

RENDER DISTANCE EMAIL: Discussion available at
FROM: GundarHStriker – Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Ropes And Ladders

Hi Pix and Joel,

I have an idea that I hope they will implement or improve on in some way in the Caves & Cliffs update.

For one, I think ladders need an update, either mechanically to allow them to be placed without the need of a block, or an aesthetic change in appearance. 

And secondly, I think ropes should be added to the game. Two gameplay moments I could think of that would be improved instantly would be 1) The ability to catch yourself after being knocked off a cliff (Looking at you, ender dragon.) and 2) Being able to hang from the bottom of a build and work on the underside without having to constantly build up, and break down your scaffolding. I think the length of the rope could be limited by how many “pieces” of it you put together. Three pieces of rope would let you hang three blocks down, etc. In terms of similar mechanics, we already have fishing rods and leads in the game.

These two fall into mining and mountain climbing respectively, so I think they would fit in quite well thematically with The Caves & Cliffs Update.

Keep calm, and render on,


Are Skulk Sensors A Redstone Game Changer?

Joel, Jonny and special guest LogicalGeekBoy break down the first look at skulk sensors with regards to how they anticipate the new feature affecting game play, redstone builds, and what pitfalls may lay ahead when the vibration sensitive block is added to the game.