The Spawn Chunks 116: Realms, Rabbits, And Responsibility

Nov 23, 2020

Joel and Jonny take a look at new Minecraft moderation programs, Realms coming to PS4, and some Caves and Cliffs screen shot updates tweeted by developers.

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  • Joel
    • Put the finishing touches on the orange-roofed farmstead.
    • Then, spent quite a lot of time on the new wheat mill, canal, and water wheel in the medieval realm on The Citadel.
    • Angled bridges are also hard. Angled roofs are still hard.
  • Jonny
    • Working on the “Early Game” part of the museum build on The Survival Guide.
    • Mini nether hub in Skyblock 1.16.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Fildrigar – Landscape Artist Discord Member
SUBJECT: Minecraft VR and Rabbit Hide

 [Email No. 1]

Greetings, Joel and Jonny.

A few weeks ago, you asked people with experience playing Minecraft in VR to write in. Four or five years ago, I bought a Gear VR ( the kind you snap your Samsung phone into) specifically to play Minecraft on. I only ended up playing with it for about a week, a couple of hours a day at a time. I put in maybe a total of ten hours into it. I loved the experience overall, but was ultimately let down by the controls. I was using a Bluetooth controller similar to a console style controller, and I’m much more of a keyboard and mouse person. 

I do keep eyeing the Oculus Rift S, as maybe the custom controllers they use will work out better for me than a console style controller. I have high hopes for the future of Minecraft in VR, and can’t wait to give it another shot. 

 [Email No. 2]


I have a really easy and quick fix for the rarity of rabbit hide with regards to bundles. 

Step one: Change the name of Rabbit Hide to something more generic, like Leather Scraps.

Step two: Allow Leather to break down into four Leather Scraps.

Nice and simple. I’d love for more things to be able to be crafted from one thing to be broken back down to the component parts. This would also be a great time to let Rotten Flesh be smelted into Leather Scraps. 

Keep on Spawning, 


FROM: Stormdance
SUBJECT: Rabbit Hide From Cats

Hi Pix and Joel! I just recently caught up with your podcast and I’m really enjoying it. I was listening to your most recent episode where you were discussing how challenging it is to get enough rabbit hide to make a bundle, and that like rabbit hide, the use of beeswax in candles gives a fun new use to an old feature. I wanted to bring up that killing rabbits is not the only source of rabbit hide–tamed cats also have a chance to bring you rabbit hide. While it’s not the fastest source of rabbit hide around, it’s much less effort than catching and breeding a whole bunch of rabbits and can be done passively. 

Do you think that the developers may have been thinking of this mechanic as well when they put together the bundle recipe?

Thanks for a great podcast,


FROM: Archimedes Himself
SUBJECT: Brushing Copper

Jonny & Joel,

It would be great if the (archeology) brush could remove oxidation. A downside could be that it un-waxes waxed copper. Additionally, maybe using a water bottle would accelerate the oxidation. It would be amazing to have a way to fast-forward/rewind the copper rust. Oh, and by the way, setting the RandomTickSpeed to 1000 still has no impact on copper, so even in creative with commands, the oxidation is still absurdly slow.

Archimedes Himself

Mojang Tweets In Lieu Of Snapshot

Joel and Jonny give their brief impressions of some of the content shared on Twitter by Mojang developers over the past week, including a potential new texture for tuff and skulk sensors, and stalactite game mechanics.