The Spawn Chunks 115: A Bundle Of Ideas

Nov 16, 2020

Jonny and Joel unpack the latest Caves and Cliffs snapshot, powder snow, and new textures, then tie off a full stack of ideas on bundles and accessibility.

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  • Joel
    • The orange farm house really coming together now with sub block details like a work area, woodpile, and landscaping.
    • Added a barn, meant to be the original dwelling on the property. The first attempt at an angled build. Angled roofs are a pain!
  • Jonny
    • Died 60 different ways. For science!
    • Started a snapshot hardcore survival world for more science. Specifically acquiring bundles, finding geodes, and aging copper.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

SUBJECT: Brushing Copper With Honey

Hello Joel and Pix!

Long time listener here, I’ve been thinking about your conversation about copper, and how you should be able to right-click copper with honeycombs to wax them. Well, I had a bit of a eureka moment. What if you could use the brush they are adding with the archeology, to brush the copper blocks with honeycombs. I thought this would be a very good way to be able to wax the copper blocks without actually having to mine up your entire roof, and it would also add an interesting mechanic instead of just magically clicking the blocks with your bare hands. And plus it adds a new feature to a feature of the update that was a bit overlooked. I would love to hear your guys’ thoughts on this!

Happy chunking, from Croatia!

FROM: Mentat – Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Candles And Graphical Bundles

I like the graphical representation of bundles because my ADD makes it difficult for me to translate text from the screen into something my brain can understand sometimes. Where the graphical representation is an instant translation. I use the shulker tool-tip for this reason.

I am also looking forward to candles a lot because I have built a 50 block tall 40×90 three level maze completely out of red netherbrick and blackstone. I have lit up everything above and below ground in a 200 block radius so the maze is the only place where mobs can spawn. I fought really hard with getting enough light that players can see without removing spawnable spaces, and candles are the perfect solution for me. I have been using soul torches and lanterns, but I had to use so many of them that I lost the visual effect that I was looking for inside the maze, aesthetically and functionally candles work great!

Enki, The World Shaper.

The world outside may be infinite, but it’s mine to shape!

FROM: Daniel
SUBJECT: Response to Visual Impairment Question Regarding Bundles

Hey guys! Love the show.

I always listen to it while working on my survival server. I wanted to answer your question regarding bundles and visual impairment. I am legally blind, so for me the pictures of the blocks is always better than a list of text. The different colors and shapes of the blocks make them easier to distinguish than text, which all looks the same to me. However, my color blind friend would say differently. For him, a wall of text is best because it can be challenging to differentiate between blocks that have similar hues.

Unfortunately I think the problem of visual impairment in gaming is largely unsolvable due to the varied nature of these disabilities. The problems and solutions often overlap between the different disabilities. All this being said, they could simply have an option in the accessibility settings to choose between text or graphics for shulkers and bundles.

Thanks for your time, love the show!

Render Distance Email

Patreon supporters, stay tuned for the post show where we have an email from Kokorodaki about the potential for Dungeons & Dragons in Minecraft.

Are Bundles Currently Viable In Survival Gameplay?

Jonny has been experimenting in a hardcore, single player, survival series focusing on how the new game mechanics introduced in the Caves & Cliffs snapshots effect survival gameplay. This week, we discuss bundles. Could they be easier to gather ingredients for and craft? How useful are they? What improvements could be made? What gameplay options could bundles… open up?

FROM: CrystalKeeper5
SUBJECT: Bundle Recipe USage

Dear Johnny and Joel,

I recently loaded up a temporary snapshot survival world to get a feel of the new features and how they may affect the core survival gameplay. One of the first things I tried doing was making a bundle, but it took about an hour and a half to find rabbits. 

I’m all in favor of bringing new life into old features by revitalizing their use in survival, but do you think that rabbit hide is the right call considering its rarity? Or do you think that Mojang could make rabbits more common?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

From within the pixels,