The Spawn Chunks 113: Mountain Goats And Minecraft Ghosts

Nov 2, 2020

Jonny and Joel dive head first into goats, and see what all the fluff is about with powder snow in the new Bedrock Beta, before discussing the Ask Mojang Q&A all about Caves & Cliffs, and how quickly Jonny died in Minecraft Dungeons Apocalypse+.

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  • Joel
    • A bit more path and planning work in the medieval realm on The Citadel.
  • Jonny
    • Minecraft Dungeons Spooky Fall Event gameplay with Minecraft Dungeons Senior Game Designer Laura De Llorens.
      • We played through a bunch of levels while chatting about Laura’s role in the Minecraft Dungeons team, her previous experiences with Minecraft, what it’s like to work for Mojang Studios, and what’s coming next in the upcoming Dungeons DLC!
    • Up to 5,500 ancient debris in the quest for a nephrite beacon and collecting zombies, as one does, on The Survival Guide.
    • Upgrades to the zombie piglin gold farm in Skyblock.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: GundarHStriker – Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Scaling Up Note Blocks

Hi Pix and Joel,

I’ve recently seen a lot of incredibly large note block contraptions on reddit that are able to play a short tune that, while very neat to see and listen to, take up a few stadiums worth of blocks to build in a “condensed” state.

With sound being a big focus in the Deep Dark, I have hopes that Mojang will revisit note blocks and possibly make them easier to use, such as creating an interface that pops up when you click the block.

Rather than going through the notes one by one, you could simply choose which note you want the block to play, right off the bat. It would be really cool I think as well if it was possible to somehow record your musical creations onto discs, which would give the old jukebox a refreshed use.

These are just hopes and dreams of a musician of course(I play the banjo), but I would like to know what you think of this idea!

Have a chunkful day,


FROM: Rabelais
SUBJECT: Research Before A Build

Hi Johnny and Joel,

One of the things I genuinely enjoy about The Spawn Chunks, is how open you both have been about how you have to work continuously at finding inspiration, and how that sometimes it can be a struggle, especially in late game worlds. I appreciate the good advice, and it really has kept me going playing this game we love.

I’m not a combat player, and I wouldn’t know a redstone comparator from a hole in the wall. I like cave exploring, but for the love of PETE, If I have one more creeper skydive on top of my head, I’ll scream. I deeply enjoy the beauty of a good build, but I have TERRIBLE taste. I’m getting better, and I’m working hard at it, but seriously… YEESH.

It took me a long time to figure out what kind of player I actually am. For me, the juice in playing Minecraft was the hours spent doing research for my builds, such as watching documentaries on stone age architecture, or listening to lecture podcasts about the ruins of Pompeii, and then applying what I’ve learned into my builds. I’m a Rabbit Hole Minecrafter.

My question is this: When you undertake a larger build, how much RL research do you do before you’re picking out the block palette and placing your first blocks?

Sincerely, your bookworm buddy,


PS: I shudder to think what the YouTube algorithm must make of me.

The Minecraft Dungeons Spooky Fall Event Report

Jonny breaks down his game play experience in Minecraft Dungeons during the Spooky Fall Event, Night Mode, playing on Apocalypse+ difficulty, and his live stream with Minecraft Dungeons game designer Laura De Llornas.