The Spawn Chunks 110: A Glow Squid Glow-up

Oct 12, 2020

The floor is lava! But that’s OK, because we have… striders? Joel and Jonny talk about the new Minecraft mob and related news in the latest snapshot, along with Minecraft Dungeons beta play footage and answering listener email on build scale.

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  • Joel
    • Chill week working on the road players arrive to in the medieval fantasy realm on The Citadel server.
    • Texturing a long-ish road where the goal is to pay attention to the detail so that people don’t pay attention to the detail.
    • Great what a few fence posts and bushes can do to guide a player.
  • Jonny
    • Attempting to reproduce a lush cave with Minecraft 1.16 blocks.
    • Ancient debris count just hit 4,000!

Minecraft News

  • Mob Vote
    • The Moobloom fell behind in the first vote. With ~837,000 people voting, the results were Glow Squid 36.9%, Iceologer 34.8%, Moobloom 28.3%.
    • The final vote came down to Iceologer vs Glow Squid. ~740,000 people voted, and the Glow Squid rose to the top with 52.7% of the vote.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Felix Jones (Java Game Developer at Mojang)
SUBJECT: VR Thoughts (In reply to The Spawn Chunks 108.)

For me personally, the compelling reason to try Minecraft in VR is that it gives you a sense of scale and perspective that makes you appreciate even the most mundane builds.

I am yet to try Bedrock VR, but back in the day I played Java Edition VR mods (“MineCrift”) with the old Oculus DevKit 2, I used to spend hours flying around Xisumavoid’s community Plotworld server just watching other people build and talking to them about how grand and fantastic their creations are.

Walking around a Minecraft castle or a cathedral is just breath-taking. It’s kind of humbling in a way, suddenly this world that you thought you had personal attachment to is now actually surrounding you and now you have a much stronger personal attachment to it, the 2D experience suddenly falls away into a flat world you’re staring at through a screen.

That’s my experience, at a rather high level 😄

Felix “Xilefian”

FROM: Raymond D. / Pichonkun13
SUBJECT: Glow Squids And The Warden

Hello Joel and Jonny!

Thank you for covering the recent Minecraft Live.

I was wondering if you were surprised by the vote for the Glow Squid and if that could be an indication of classic Minecraft players wanting more entities that enrich their world environments vs. another hostile mob. FYI, my vote was for the Glow Squid as well for this reason.

Having said that, I’m very excited for the Warden as much as you both are. But I am hoping that there will be some kind of incentive for keeping it alive. For example maybe there is a mechanic where the Warden interacts with sculks for their growth. The addition of Wool Socks could be a funny addition that helps the player sneak around the Warden, a compromise to your armor similar to when wearing an Elytra.

Thanks again for your great podcast and looking forward to the next one.


The Glow Squid

Joel and Jonny discuss their thoughts at present on the glow squid –  the new mob voted into Minecraft by players during Minecraft Live. – and share some thoughts on how they think it could be an interesting addition to the game.