The Spawn Chunks 104: Expanding Minecraft Dungeons

Aug 31, 2020

With the Creeping Winter Minecraft Dungeons DLC around the corner, Joel and Jonny talk about the latest Developer Diaries info, and speculate on where Dungeons could be headed next.

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  • Jonny
    • Started working on the exhibits at The Museum, beginning with dirt, grass, and variants.
    • The Skyblock series is at the stage where I’m curing villagers. so the game is really starting to open up.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Jess N.
SUBJECT: End Update & Colours

Hello! I absolutely adore the podcast. It’s really wonderful background noise, and I re-listen to old episodes often.

Regarding The End colour talk in episode 102: As the Nether brought us dark stone blocks, The End could be a brilliant place to bring something lighter-than-cobblestone. Pale, cool grey stone-like blocks could fit in brilliantly in an End biome, and would be a fun deviation from the neutral grey of cobblestone and stone.

I would also hope an End update might give us dark purple blocks, to compliment the purpur and make it more usable as currently it doesn’t really fit with anything. (Though, thinking about it, it might work with blackstone quite well. Contrast and all that.) Right now I use a resource pack that makes purpur look like purple prismarine, but it would be lovely to have both to play around with.

What do you think?

[This is definitely a funny sign off.]

FROM: Liam G.
SUBJECT: Try New Things

Hey Jonny and Joel!

I was listening to Episode 103 of The Spawn Chunks and wanted to write in about a little thing I had in mind while listening. I have recently “reset” my server to a Skyblock server. At first the idea of this was met by my community with, “We already have this amazing world why would we give it up?” 

I persuaded them and we started it and gave everyone two weeks to play and see how they liked it. After the first three days the server was more active than I had ever seen. I think it is because people sometimes forget that Minecraft has so many different things to it. And if you get bored or don’t know what to do it’s ok to take a break and try new types of Minecraft. 

We bounced around ideas of new and exciting things like new mega base plans, community farms, and the thing we are most hyped about is a fully AFK concrete factory. I think when you have everything, you can take some of it for granted. I would love to know your thoughts about trying new things to get inspired. 

Love the podcast and keep it up!


Expanding Minecraft Dungones

With the second Minecraft Dungeons DLC, Creeping Winter, just around the corner, Jonny and Joel take a look at what vanilla Minecraft environments and themes have been explored in Minecraft Dungeons so far, what existing themes could be next, and speculate on other places Minecraft Dungeons could take players in the future.