The Spawn Chunks 101: Every Part Of The Mooshroom

Aug 10, 2020

Jonny and Joel touch on the latest pre-release and release candidates for the pending 1.16.2 update before some philosophical listener email and discussing Minecraft features they consistently overlook.

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  • Joel
    • The Netherite Halls continue! I think I am going to extend them to get that “endless darkness” fog effect I want… but it means doubling the length!
    • Working with all the blackstone variants on the walls this weekend was challenging.
      • Not “happy” with the result, but it’s  “as good as it can be”.
      • Blackstone really suffers from that “repetitive pattern” when you put a lot of it together.
      • Also feeling the lack of “dim” lighting options.
  • Jonny
    • Passive mobs are now spawning in the 1.16 Skyblock world.
    • I’ve started the museum build and rebuilt an Ender Dragon ‘skeleton’ I tried in Decidedly Vanilla Season 3. 
      • Currently working on the archives, i.e. a storage system that will contain everything!

Chunk Mail

FROM: Joseph
SUBJECT: Is Minecraft just an architecture simulator?

Hello Jonny and Joel!

First off, thanks so much for the podcast! It’s great to listen to in-depth discussion on my favorite game when I don’t really have a lot of folks to talk about it with.

My question: Do you think that more often than not Minecraft gameplay consists of building houses or developing the land around you with farms or even town-like aspects? I think many times we build more buildings than anything else. I know there are different niches of play  like redstone and PVP, but do you think that more often than not we are just making buildings? And does that detract from the idea that Minecraft is limitless?

Thanks again for the show!


FROM: Ross
SUBJECT: What Is Un-Minecraft?

Hey Joel and Jonny (Nope feels weird) Hey Joel and Pix, 

Always in the discussion of wanted features is the conversation that X-feature doesn’t doesn’t feel like Minecraft or it would violate the core of Minecraft. I’m one of those players that has returned to Minecraft after a long absence, I think 1.0 was the last time I really played. Coming back there are so many features I would have never imagined would be in Minecraft but each one has done a lot to make the game more fun, less grindy, and delay the onset of burnout. It’s with that, I’m shocked when people write off a feature as “not Minecraft”. I can’t think of any of the commonly suggested features that would ruin the game. Even the controversial auto crafting. I believe there would be a way to implement it in a way, that again, further improves the grind but is rewarding to get. Though not a question about why auto crafting should or shouldn’t be in the game could you talk about the bigger question: What is Minecraft and how could a feature ruin the game or not be Minecraft?

Thank you both

PS: Do you have podcast recommendations?

Discussion Topic

Inspired by his current Minecraft museum project on The Survival Guide and Reddit user Lunaracomplex, Jonny poses the question, “What aspects of Minecraft – blocks, items, etc – do we overlook”