The Spawn Chunks 100: Many Respawns Later

Aug 3, 2020

To celebrate the milestone, Joel and Jonny share the Render Distance with everyone! Pre-show D&D adventures and podcast recommendations, the latest Minecraft snapshot, listener email and a discussion on how they make The Spawn Chunks each week. Plus, a post show Satisfactory wish list for Minecraft. 

  • The Spawn Chunks main episode starts at 19:05
  • The Spawn Chunks ends at 1:41:21




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  • Joel
    • Toured my patreon server, Infinity Cove, on the weekend. Lots of fantastic inspiration. Zen garden, a panda sanctuary, lighthouse, wizard tower, and an absolutely massive stone statue!
    • The Netherite hall on The Citadel is long enough that you can’t see the opposite end from the vestibule.
      • I’m considering doubling the length so that effect lasts longer as you walk through the hall of pillars.
  • Jonny
    • Finally working on the Museum, harvesting Dragon’s Breath, and refining my approach to Skyblock.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Kokorodaki – Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Loot Chest Banners


I listened to Episode 99 today, and the loot chest conversation gave me an idea. How would y’all feel about randomised banners being a thing in loot chests? Not only would that mean free banners, maybe some cool ones, but it could also be a great source of inspiration for designing banners, especially since there’s no other natural banners in the game already, aside from the bland ones in some villages and the pillager banners, which are unique anyway.

Love the show guys!

FROM: hazzaalkaabi123
SUBJECT: Fabric Optimization

Hello there Johnny and Joel,

I listened to Episode 99 and it was great, as usual, but I thought I would point some things out. All three of the optimizations mods that you talked about (Sodium, Lithium and Phosphor) are made by the same person, JellySquid. (She has a Discord and a GitHub) and the three mods are “meant” to be together, but Lithium is suggested to be server side (best to have on both) while the other two will work just fine on client side.

Love the podcast, chunks out.


FROM: Billy
SUBJECT: Wandering Trader Rapour

Hello Jonny and Joel! 

I was listening to your discussion about the wandering trader with Xisuma from Episode 96 and I wanted to share my thoughts. I am also of the opinion that the wandering trader is meant for new players who have not discovered every biome yet, but on any later level the wandering trader becomes pretty useless, unless you need leads of course.

What I propose is this: seeing as the wandering trader is a villager, give him an experience bar as well! Like villagers, more trade levels are unlocked when you trade with him more. the lower levels would be roughly the same, but the higher experience levels would get you more useful stuff, like higher quantities of non-renewable, valuable or tedious to gather items. 

I see two options: either this works per wandering trader, where you first have to make one or two of the weaker trades before accessing the good stuff, or there is some sort of guild system where every wandering trader knows how much you traded with wandering traders in general. This way, getting to better trades might take longer but once acquired you don’t need to unlock it for every separate wandering trader again. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Your work is very entertaining when grinding out large projects in my world.



Behind The Mic Block

Joel and Jonny discuss the process behind making The Spawn Chunks every week and take a look back at what has changed, and what has remarkably stayed the same over the first one hundred episodes.