The Spawn Chunks 098: Bartering For Inventory Space

Jul 20, 2020

The floor is lava! But that’s OK, because we have… striders? Joel and Jonny talk about the new Minecraft mob and related news in the latest snapshot, along with Minecraft Dungeons beta play footage and answering listener email on build scale.

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  • Joel
    • Working on The Netherite Halls build at the base of our Nether Hub on The Citadel server.
    • I’ve been trying to force myself to use blackstone in the build where it is meant to be an “ancient forge structure”.
      • Tip: I have black stained glass over it in spots to help tame it down.
    • I have found… thirteen pieces of ancient debris. Most while actually looking for blackstone.(More on ancient debris in our email section.)
  • Jonny
    • Spent a week surviving both the Nether and Bedrock Edition. (I kid!) 
      • Overall a very positive experience. Nether Survival definitely gives me a renewed appreciation for things which might be easily overlooked by endgame players – like Striders, Nether Fortress & Bastion loot, and the fear of death in general.
      • Had several mostly very avoidable deaths – due to Strider dismounting being different in Bedrock, and opening an Ender Chest in a Bastion while surrounded by Piglins.
    • Now back in Java, and in the Overworld, farming Warped & Crimson plants and gathering shroomlights to simulate lava flow.
    • Survival Guide turned 2 years old yesterday!

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Lisa
SUBJECT: Bartering In Skyblock


In the last podcasts you guys were talking about how overpowered the piglin bartering is in the new update. What effects do you think this might have on skyblock survival? With bartering you can get lots of gravel, string, and other items that are usually quite difficult to obtain in skyblock. What other ways do you think 1.16 bartering changes skyblock?  

Thanks a chunk,


FROM: Logandude10
SUBJECT: Finding Ancient Debris

Hi Johnny and Joel!

Me and my friend have been hyped up for The Nether Update and are super excited that it is now here. We really want to find ancient debris, but can’t seem to find any. Any tips on what biome to go to or how to mine out large areas to find some? I did see Mumbo’s netherite mining trip but we don’t have a Grian to sell us infinite TNT.

Love the show,


FROM: Nayap
SUBJECT: Terraria Inventory Idea

Hello there! 

I’ve been playing a lot of Terraria which is a game with a ton of different items. With every update Minecraft starts to feel more like this. In Terraria you have an extra inventory slot which works as a trash can. It can hold a stack of items and when you put another item in it the previous one gets voided. To avoid voiding special items you can mark them as favorites. I think Minecraft needs a new inventory system in general but this could be a good start to deal with messy inventories.

What do you think?


FROM: Anonymous
SUBJECT: Multiplayer vs. Singleplayer

Hi Jonny and Joel,

A couple weeks back you had X (Xisuma) on the show and obviously he is the admin of Hermitcraft, not forgetting you two also run servers, how do you run them and make everything run smoothly?

Yours Faithfully


FROM: Mr. Bootch909
SUBJECT: Build Inspiration

Hi guys!

I just recently started listening to your show, I have been watching Pixlriffs on YouTube for awhile but hadn’t listened to your show! I love the content and it has definitely sparked some inspiration in me to play Minecraft again. 

This is where my problem with my world/Play-style. I have a ton a material, I love to grind for resources, go mining, and terraform… I just don’t really know what to build once that is done! I am currently working on a nether island in my overworld, it is supposed to represent a glitch in the matrix in a sense, just plopped in the overworld. It uses a mix of all the new/old nether building materials! Other than the landscape though, I don’t know what to do for buildings.

Where do you find inspiration to build something? Do you always come up with a sense of lore for building before starting?

Thank you for the high quality podcast! I always listen in when a new episode spawns in.

From an overworld far far away,

Mr. Bootch909

FROM: Duncan M.
SUBJECT: Multiplayer vs. Singleplayer

Hey Joel, Pix (and Xisuma)

Just wanted to say, I love your work so keep it up! What do you think are the pros and cons of multiplayer vs single player and would you ever want to switch to the opposite of what you currently do?

Much love,