The Spawn Chunks 097: Nether Survival Is The New Hotness

Jul 13, 2020

Jonny and Joel review custom biomes and bartering tweaks coming in a new snapshot before discussing how they feel about The Nether Update after a couple weeks of play time.

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  • Joel
    • The Citadel has been updated to Minecraft 1.16 and I am trying to play with OptiFine. OptiFine Pre2 and Pre3 were out last week. Thus far, Pre2 was better I think but not by a wide margin.
    • Spent the weekend re-tooling the functionality of the in-Nether gold farm on The Citadel.
      • Magma block swap. Nether brick slabbing. Killing chamber adjustments.
  • Jonny
    • Having now gotten to grips with most of The Nether Update, I’m attempting a Nether Survival Challenge in Bedrock Edition!

Chunk Mail

FROM: Freaky
RE: Renewable Blackstone

Hey Johnny and Joel, 

I just got the idea for how we could have renewable blackstone. Since the piglins are kinda like the villagers of the Nether maybe they could get their own golem? A Blackstone golem that drops blackstone when it dies. It could spawn when a bunch of piglins see a zombified piglin, or they could spawn in the bastions.



FROM: Selby A.
RE: Lava-logging

When I updated my single player world I had the luck (or un-luck?) of finding myself in the basalt delta. A big issue I’ve  had is the overpopulation of magma cubes. I was killed by them. I have really enjoyed the new update, especially using beds to mine ancient debris. (That killed me too, though.)

Love the show.



P.S I think lava-logging in the Nether should be a thing like water logging in the Overworld.

New Perspectives On The Nether Update

Joel is now playing in The Nether Update on his multiplayer server, The Citadel. Jonny is playing a Survival Challenge in Bedrock Edition for the week (July 13-17). Has time in game changed their perspective on The Nether Update? What’s good? What’s not? What is unexpected?