The Spawn Chunks 095: Exploring The Nether Update

Jun 29, 2020

The Nether Update is here! Jonny and Joel talk about their first week spelunking through the massive changes to the Nether dimension in Minecraft, the piglin brute, and new Minecraft Dungeons DLC.

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    • The Spawn Chunks Q2 Quarterly Hangout will be held on Sunday, July 5th at 4:00PM EDT in the Discord. Join here.
    • The Spawn Chunks Episode 96 will welcome special guest Xisumavoid from the Hermitcraft Server!
  • Joel
    • Streamed Minecraft 1.16 on release day!
    • “Rushed” to the new Nether content in 60-90min. Died 10 minutes later.
    • Still dealing with frame stutter issues with every new release of Minecraft. So frustrating to have to use OptiFine to make the game playable on a new gaming PC that handles other games just fine.
  • Jonny
    • Back to playing Minecraft every day again!
    • Mostly exploring the new features of the update, but also thinking about long-term projects and challenges.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: “Noob Gamer” (NuBgAmMa575)
RE: Now That The Nether Update Is Here

Hi Jonny and Joel,

I’ve been really enjoying the new update and am currently trying to upgrade my gear to netherite, which isn’t as useful on Bedrock because it can still burn in lava. Then I plan to start work on a nether base in a basalt delta. This biome has given me many ideas on what to build so my question for the podcast is:

Now that The Nether Update has been released and you have had a chance to see the new biomes and blocks, what is your favourite part of the nether update? And what ideas do you have for how these new features could be used in your future builds? 

Keep up the great podcast and content,

“Noob Gamer”

Exploring The Nether Update

Jonny and Joel discuss everything from updating existing worlds, to starting anew, all with the end goal of exploring The Nether Update as ideas for gameplay, strategy and future build projects percolate as frequently as pools of lava in basalt deltas.