The Spawn Chunks 094: Queue The Nether Update

Jun 22, 2020

Joel and Jonny sum up the final release candidate for The Nether Update before diving into listener email on Minecraft 1.16 plans, Minecraft Dungeons, and more on this month’s Chunk Mail Dispenser episode.

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Chunk Mail

FROM: IdleKnight6 – Community Miner Discord Member
RE: Renewable Resources

Hello guys

You may have seen on the discord that a few of us were talking about renewable resources and i feel it’s a really nice idea just it would be hard to implement it into the game. What are your thoughts on this and how do you think it could be added to the game

Thanks a lot


FROM: OPOFO1081422
RE: Plans for Release Date

Hi Pixlriffs and Joel! 

After getting the release date for The Nether Update I went ahead and reset the Nether on my bedrock world. I plan to live in the nether for as long as I can. 

What do you guys plan on doing?

Love the streams, videos and the podcast.

FROM: William
RE: Upgrading Minecraft Dungeons Gear

Hi Joel and Pixlriffs, 

I’m a huge fan of the show and am listening to the current episode while writing this. In episode 92 you talked about Minecraft Dungeons and in particular upgrading gear by sacrificing other items. I think there is already a system planned to get around people out leveling their weapons too quickly. 

In the Minecraft Dungeons hand book they mention an item called diamond dust which can be purchased for the yet to be implemented mason villager. The wiki entry says diamond dust is used for upgrading the power level of an item ensuring that you can progress in the game whilst still using the same weapon. 

Do you feel this would be a good way of balancing this system?

Thanks again for the show!


FROM: Purple Ostrich
RE: Minecraft Dungeons Wiki

Hey there Joel and Pix! 

I remember in a recent episode that both of you were wondering what the names of many of the enemies were in Minecraft Dungeons. I recently found the Gamepedia wiki for Minecraft Dungeons that has the names and pictures of nearly all of the mobs in the game, although articles for each mob are still coming out.

Hope this helps, and thanks for the great podcast! You guys make yard work so much more enjoyable! 🙂

Purple Ostrich

FROM: Pig Jockey
RE: Scaring Villagers

Hi guys! 

First of all, Joel, it’s funny you should mention the corrupted cauldron incident in Minecraft Dungeons, because the same thing happened to me in the evoker boss battle.

I’m writing in as I had an idea for Minecraft. What if villagers ran away from you when you were wearing a zombie head? This could add more life to the game and would make transporting villagers easier. Also, maybe it would have a price? Maybe Iron and Snow Golems would attack you when you’re wearing the zombie head?

 Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Stay Pixy!