The Spawn Chunks 093: From Dungeons To Minecraft

Jun 15, 2020

Jonny and Joel recap the ream of revisions in The Nether Update Pre-releases 3, 4 and 5, discuss the future of bug based resource farms, and explore art and mechanics from Minecraft Dungeons that would be great in Minecraft.

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  • Joel
    • Raised an entire building in a week in the Southport city build on Twitch. (
      • Exterior design. (Minus street level. Servermate stores.)
      • Logistics and elevators.
      • Interior designM

Chunk Mail

FROM: NuBgAmMa575 (Don’t think we have to read this given it’s non-sensical)
RE: Minecraft Dungeons Gear Share

Hi Jonny and Joel,

I’ve been playing Minecraft Dungeons quite a bit with my friends this week and have been really enjoying the game. We have managed to complete the story on normal.

However there is one thing that we were wanting to see; a way to drop your items and give them to your friends. We thought about this when my friend picked up a weapon that he didn’t like but suited my play-style. We were disappointed when he couldn’t drop it to me. I can see why players can’t pick up other people’s items before them, but I think players should be able to drop an item after picking them up.

Do you think Mojang Studios should add a drop feature to Minecraft Dungeons?



PS: Love your live-streams of the game!

FROM: Matt K.
RE: From Dungeons To Minecraft

Hey guys!

I’ve been listening to your podcast a lot recently, and am really enjoying the Minecraft Dungeons themed episodes! I have been playing a bit myself, and I have noticed a lot of Minecraft Dungeons related content appearing on YouTube. Specifically, I’ve seen a lot of videos covering what people would add into Minecraft from Minecraft Dungeons. This got me thinking… 

What blocks, mobs, items or mechanics would you like to see appear in standard Minecraft? 

Maybe you’d like to see the Redstone Golems added? Or the new weapons and enchantments?! I’d be very interested to hear what you think!

Thanks again for the amazing podcast. It has quickly become one of my favourites, and I frequently find myself in great anticipation for Monday evenings!

Keep up the fantastic work, 


From Dungeons To Minecraft

Spurred on by Matt’s email above, Jonny and Joel each talk about the blocks, textures, mobs, items, weapons, artifacts and mechanics from Minecraft Dungeons that they would love to see in Minecraft. Some make sense, some may not translate directly but could inspire other things, while other ideas are simply wishful thinking but super fun to talk about!