The Spawn Chunks 091: Minecraft Dungeons Deep Dive

Jun 1, 2020

Jonny and Joel touch on the latest Minecraft snapshot before plunging into a full episode discussion on Minecraft Dungeons and their play experience in the game.

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  • Jonny is playing Minecraft Dungeons, and exploring The Way of the Bare-fist Steve.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Lord_Valor
RE: Experimenting With Minecraft Dungeons

Hello Pixlriffs and Joel!

I love the podcast. It gives me something to listen to while I’m cooped up in quarantine. Keep it up!

I have been playing Minecraft Dungeons and I am really enjoying it. I am finding though, that I am getting quite a few swords, axes, and armor in my inventory over time. Sometimes, I have a hard time giving up some of the gear because it has a new enchantment I want to try, but salvaging my current weapon or armor for its upgrade point may be a downgrade for me in the long run.

How are you experimenting with all the enchantments and weapons available when there are so many great options? 

Should I be watching streams and videos to get more knowledge about the game so I know what I might prefer?

Thank you for the entertainment you provide! 

Best regards,


Minecraft Dungeons Deep Dive

Jonny and Joel share their first week fo gameplay experience in Minecraft Dungeons, breaking down their character builds, game play mechanics, epic moments (good and bad) and discuss the longevity of the game, and a few places where the experience could improve.

Jonny explains The Way of the Bare-fist Steve.