The Spawn Chunks 090: Rolling Into Minecraft Dungeons

May 25, 2020

Joel and Jonny cross their i’s and dot their t’s as they discuss the latest Minecraft snapshot changes to redstone, world generation and bug fixes before pulling on their Boots of Swiftness in anticipation of Minecraft Dungeons launching tomorrow!

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  • Joel
    • Not much in the way of city building, per say, but some mid-week Twitch streams mining out rivers and preparing an area for a squid farm.
    • Joel’s latest Twitch stream VOD (
  • Jonny
    • Transforming and redesigning a Minecraft jungle temple. Now, to add the traps!
    • Experimental kelp farm designs in Skyblock.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Solomon T.
RE: How would you structure the Minecraft movie?

Hello Johnny and Joel!

I am a massive fan of the show. You provide probably the most intelligent Minecraft content on the internet. (That’s not to say i don’t enjoy the more ridiculous stuff just as much but you get the jist.) 

Personally I enjoy Minecraft as a creative tool and as a way to enjoy mini-games. Firstly, do you have any tips to get into survival? 

My main question for you is actually about the Minecraft movie. The chat about the Minecraft movie in development is that by all accounts it will be live action. How would you guys structure a Minecraft movie? The current plot sounds alright but is there anything you would prefer? And how would you do it? Animation or live-action with CGI? 

Personally I would expect it to be live actors in a CGI environment. Although, hopefully with some sets.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Solomon 🤗

The Minecraft Movie is Just Around The Corner ( – April 16, 2019)

A Minecraft Dungeons Free-For-All!

Looking ahead to the launch of Minecraft Dungeons tomorrow, (Tuesday, May 26, 2020) Jonny and Joel discuss their favourite things about their time in the BETA and what they’re looking forward to with the full release.

  • How much did we play during the beta?

  • How much do we plan to play the full game? Do we plan on playing mostly single-player or multiplayer?

  • What has been the most appealing aspect of the game so far?

  • What are our favourite weapons/artifacts/character builds?

  • Are there any features we are looking forward to that were not in the BETA but have been in promotional materials or videos? 

  • How could Minecraft Dungeons be expanded? What could be improved about the game?

From #TheSmeltery in our Discord

  • Which platform should interested players buy Minecraft Dungeons on?
  • What kind of gameplay focus should players new to Minecraft Dungeons expect?