The Spawn Chunks 088: Looking Ahead In The Nether

May 11, 2020

Joel and Jonny break down the changes to spawning mechanics in the latest Minecraft snapshot before moving mobs around via Chunk Mail and discussing build ideas for The Nether Update.

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  • Joel has been making up for lost time on The Citadel, trying to polish off small builds and push forward on large builds in the modern city area of Southport.
    • High rise balconies. A lot of balconies.
    • Mapping Southport.
    • Compass rose mosaic at the waterfront plaza.
  • Pixlriffs has been adding buildings and other bits and pieces to his ski village so it feels more complete on Episode 300 of The Survival Guide, which is coming up on the next episode!

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Oozebull
RE: Teleporting The Player Within A Given Range


The command you want is:
/teleport @e[type=player,distance=..<radius>,limit=<value>] <x> <y> <z> facing <x> <y> <z>

So to teleport the nearest player within 10 blocks of the command block to 0,0
/teleport @e[type=player,distance=..10,limit=1] 0 0 0

Command Breakdown:

  • /teleport – Indicates that we want to teleport someone
  • @e – Indicates that we want to teleport an entity
  • type=player – Indicates that the type of entity is a player
  • distance=…5 – Indicates we want to teleport an entity within 5 blocks of the command
  • limit=1 – Indicates that we just want to teleport 1 entity.
  • x/y/z – Coordinates to teleport to
  • facing x/y/z – Coordinates to look at after teleportation. Not providing this will cause the player to look in same direction as before teleportation
  • Sources:

Best Regards


FROM: Mr_Nobody1166
RE: Mob Transport

Hi Joel and Pixlriffs,

I found your podcast a few months ago and have been listening to it daily, and I caught up two weeks ago. I really love it, and thank you so much for your contribution to the community; we all appreciate it. It is the only Minecraft podcast I have ever found that actually intellectually examines the game with a fun twist.

Two weeks ago, I was watching Pixlriffs’ Survival Guide, which is amazing by the way! It has taught me a lot about Minecraft, and I’m almost caught up. The Survival Guide episode was about transporting mobs, which brought the following question to mind: 

How can mob transportation be improved?

My line of thinking was implementing the mob spawn eggs into Survival Minecraft, but making them an end game resource. Do you think that spawn eggs could be added into Vanilla Survival and it’ll still feel like Minecraft, or does it seem to be a little too cheaty? 

Again, I really appreciate what you do. 

Keep up the good work!


Looking Ahead In The Nether

FROM: Jobox
SUBJECT: Looking Forward to The Nether Update

Hello PiglinRiffs and Joel Hoglin

I have been listening to your show since Episode 1! I listen while mining, building and farming in Minecraft, and doing my chores in the real world. Thank you!!!

I am writing this from the hot caverns of the nether and wanted to chime in on your discussion on The Nether Update as a whole. Before the much needed update, the nether was a hellish wasteland I only visited for fast travel, or stripping it for its resources, usually quartz. I would only search for the rare nether fortress to get some skulls, to make a beacon and ”Nether” come back.

With the Nether Update, the Nether gets its own identity, a sense of resource progression through the new debree,  unique inhabitants, atmospheric biomes with many, many new building blocks and the ruinous piglin bastion remnants. 

It’s a totally alien experience, walking through the mushroom forests and the volcanic deltas, avoiding the deadly soul sand valleys and stumbling upon ihe intricate bastions, to loot, trade, or get your butt kicked by Piglins.

It’s now a viable strategy to build a base in the nether, here some idea examples :

  • A castle in a lava lake.
  • A ancient forge in a basalt delta.
  • A repaired bastion.
  • A crimson or warped mansion.

Or for you Joel, you could try an orc village (When you get your computer repaired, wish you luck by the way.) the different particle effects make for a great atmosphere! 

Hope this email fuels a nether update themed discussion, 

Keep up the wonderful show, 


Jobox’s email got us thinking… What do we want to build in the new Nether biomes? What are some build ideas in general we are looking forward to trying once The Nether Update arrives with all of its new blocks and gameplay features?” We got some feedback from our live Discord chat ahead of recording to include in the discussion.