The Spawn Chunks 086: A Ghastly Idea

Apr 27, 2020

Joel and Jonny discuss some of the technical changes coming to Minecraft in the latest snapshot, and answer listener Chunk Mail about savvy screen shots, bastion behemoths, and a ghastly idea.

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  • Joel
    • Déjà vu. No Minecraft for you. 😞
    • I did get into the Early Access build for Industries of Titan though!

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Warre J.
RE: Gnembon’s Ghostlins

Hey Jonny and Joel,

First of all I want to say that this is an amazing podcast and you guys are amazing hosts. I really enjoy listening to the podcast when I am playing Minecraft.

I have one quick question, I recently saw a video on Gnembon’s YouTube channel about a new mob he is suggesting for the 1.16 Soulsand Valley. They’re called ghostlins, a neutral mob used to decrease the huge number of ghast spawning in the biome. I would love to hear your opinion on the idea!

Here is the link to the video:

New Mob? What if Minecraft 1.16 Nehter Update had Gostlins (Gnembon on YouTube)

Greetings from Belgium!


FROM: Throlash
RE: Piglin Bastion Ideas and Such

Hello Gents!

First, love both of your content. You’re both such an inspiration, thanks for all you do! (Can’t wait for another Joel stream, c’mon computer! Hehehe)

Second, Joel, thank you so much for the shout out in episode 85! I was immediately inspired when I took a look at the new chain, what a subtle, simple, yet wonderful addition to our decoration arsenal. (Chains part 2 is out now if you’re interested )

Thirdly, I wanted to write in with my opinions on Piglin Bastions. I am…severely underwhelmed to be perfectly honest. The various Bastions I’ve come across while playing in the snapshot have been boxes, that’s it. A box that is severely damaged, a box with lava in the floor, a box connecting another box… You get my meaning here. With villages in 1.15 we got a plethora of unique structures (I’m looking at you Savannah [Ostrich please?] and Deserts), and even the old Nether Fortress has wonderful character, with unique and clearly noticeable pieces, albeit the severe lack of block variation (which makes sense for the time it was added).

I don’t want to say Bastions are boring, because they ARE NOT. In my experience they are fairly difficult structures to explore. Between them being built out of blackstone and blackstone variants, and it being relatively dark in the Nether, I often found myself completely missing passages repeatedly due to the entire environment blending in with itself. I completely lost the depth of the structure, because everything looks the same, while being so broken and shattered, there was nothing that drew my eye and attention to say “go that way” (except for large openings where I honestly just jumped down into them, completely ignoring the structure around it). Also, the moment you touch a chest, Piglins come out in droves from those hallways and passages I couldn’t see.

After re-reading this email before sending I see how negative I sound, and for that I apologize, but for the last big reveal that we’ve been waiting almost a year for, I’m a bit bummed. I will say though, that new content is ALWAYS welcome, and I will explore a bastion when I see it…mainly for that sweet sweet PIGSTEP. 

Keep being you my dudes,


How To Take Better Minecraft Screenshots

Joel leads a discussion about how to take better Minecraft screen shots, starting with your field of view, framing your shot, and giving your builds breathing room, before moving on to some finer more specific tips for screenshot editing.

FROM: Toby S.
RE: Episode About Screenshots

I just listened to Episode 82 and in it you mentioned a discussion where Joel would give tips on how to take screenshots. I would enjoy this very much and am personally looking for tips on how to take the perfect screenshot.

Thank you and I enjoy your podcast.