The Spawn Chunks 084: Basalty About Blackstone

Apr 13, 2020

Joel and Jonny explore Basalt Deltas, the new biome in the latest Minecraft Snapshot, and all the new features and blocks that come along with it, then change their tune to talk about new music in The Nether.

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  • Joel is still experiencing frame stuttering / frame slow downs in Minecraft on Mac.
  • Joel is also still dealign with a separate frame stutter issue on his PC, which is effecting the whole system.
    • You can see video samples of various degrees here. (Google Drive)
      • There are also a few videos recorded on the Mac platform in the folder.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: MechMorphic – Landscape Artist Member
RE: Dispensing with Dispensers

Howdy Joel and Pix,

I couldn’t help but notice in the last snapshot there were a number of dispenser changes that allow shears in a dispenser to be used on a number of entities, but there is one feature I have wanted since dispensers have been able to shear sheep, and that is the ability to shear vines, thus making automatic vine farms possible.

Is there any reason that Mojang should not or will not add this feature to the game? Or is this just another case of Mojang not adding in what seems to be an easy feature that would have broad support.

(I’ve grown tired of asking for concrete slabs/stairs)

Thanks for the amazing podcast and the content you both create!


Minecraft’s Music: The Music of the Cubes

Jonny leads a discussion about the music in Minecraft, queued in by the three new scores composed by Lena Raine included in Minecraft Snapshot 20W15A.