The Spawn Chunks 083: Minecraft Dungeons Beta

Apr 6, 2020

Jonny and Joel share their hands on, beta impressions of Minecraft Dungeons, discuss the latest Minecraft snapshot, and answer listener email about video game violence.

Title card art: Minecraft Dungeons | | Mojang

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  • Joel hasn’t been able to play Minecraft because of a stutter issue on his Windows 10 gaming PC, causing system wide issues, even for Minecraft Dungeons. And unfortunately, the current – but separate – frame stuttering issue in Minecraft: Java Edition for Mac, has kept him out of the game entirely this past week.
  • If you have any insight on solutions for the stuttering issues on the PC or if you know of a fix for stuttering issues on the Mac, please email the show! Email link at the bottom of the show notes.
  • Jonny has completed the structural part of his mountain range!

Chunk Mail

FROM: Tristan
RE: Minecraft Violence

Hi Pix and Joel,

I have recently started listening to your podcast, and have been watching Hermitcraft Seasons 6 and 7. I really love Minecraft, but my parents are hesitant of me getting it due the addictive nature and violence that they associate with video games in general. 

I was hoping that I could get your thoughts on this subject.


Tristan, Vancouver Island, Canada

PS: What other blocks and features would you like added in the new nether update?

Minecraft Dungeons Beta Gameplay

Jonny and Joel share their first play through experiences in the Minecraft Dungeons Beta after being invited over the weekend. How does the game feel? How does gameplay scale with difficulty? What is the enchantment system like? Can you fart fire? These important questions and more are all uncovered.