The Spawn Chunks 081: Drop The Respawn Anchor

Mar 23, 2020

Jonny and Joel jump hook, line and sinker into the latest Minecraft snapshot that has both added and removed new game mechanics. Plus, a listener email puts a new leash on dogs in Minecraft.

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FROM: Freaky2374
RE: Biome Doggos

Hey Joel and Johnny, 

I just listened to the newest episode (80) and I had some thoughts on dog breeds for Minecraft. If Mojang adds dog breeds to the game, I think they should make the dogs look different according to what biome they are in. A dingo in the Savannah, a husky or artic wolf in the snowy biomes, a golden retriever in the villages, or a Bernese mountain dog for the mountains. 

I just thought it was a cool idea and would love to hear what you guys think about it.



The Rise and Fall of Zero-Tick Farms

Jonny and Joel discuss the decision at Mojang to remove zero-tick growth from affecting various plants, removing treasure loot and changing the rules around fishing in “AFK Fish Farms”, their personal experience with these mechanics, and how they think it will effect gameplay going forward.

…we’re not removing these options for players because they’re farms – they’re being removed because the ratio of effort to reward is out of balance for these contraptions in particular.”

“I know there’s a popular view that Mojang dislikes farms and automation – this is not true. What is important to us is that the game remains balanced and true to its core ideals – that is, huge efforts bring stellar rewards. The flip side of that is that very little effort also brings relatively small rewards.”

– SlicedLime on Reddit RE: Farms


We’re a fair ways off from that. While fishing farms and 0-tick farms were pure exploits that didn’t need replacements (lily pads aside), TNT dupers fill a slot in the game that the intended game mechanics still cannot.

– SlicedLime on Reddit RE: TNT Duplication