The Spawn Chunks 080: Uncensored Redstone

Mar 16, 2020

Joel and Jonny flick the redstone lever on the new Minecraft snapshot and discuss The Uncensored Library project by Reporters Without Borders and Blockworks. Lots of listener email!

Title card image credit: from The Uncensored Library Press Kit.

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Chunk Mail

FROM: Michael
RE: Nether Pots

Hello Johnny and Joel,

I was thinking about things that could be added in for The Nether Update as smaller details and my mind went directly to flower pots. We’ve had them for years and the recipe has always been three bricks. We also have nether bricks, so why not a nether brick flower pot? It would be something subtle that could really help to blend decorations and would likely look great in the piglin bastions.

As always, loving the podcast and keep up the great work!


FROM: Jack / DragonRuler27
RE: Smithing OP

Hey guys!

I am a huge fan of the podcast, and am actually listening to the most recent one right now.

I feel like the new smithing table functionality isn’t that useful, because you can only upgrade to netherite. 

What if you could upgrade any tools to the next tier without losing your enchantments? 

I am currently using an iron sword because I got really good enchantments on it. Would this functionality be too overpowered, or feel too modded? What do you think?

Thanks for the great show!

Jack (aka DragonRuler27)

FROM: MechMorphic – Landscape Artist
RE: Random Minor Features

Howdy Joel and Jonny,

Last episode you mentioned that it would be humorous if Hoglins ate the items of any Piglin they killed. Instantly I thought that if Hoglins could “eat” any dropped item, Mumbo Jumbo, of Hermitcraft, would soon create single-item transportation systems involving Hoglins. 

Are there any other random minor features you would like to see added to Minecraft? Either just for the joke of it or to make possible an incredibly inefficient contraption.

Wonderful podcast,


FROM: Daniel H. / TelemonianDan
RE: Soft Reset

Hey Pix and Joel,

Loved the recent conversation about when to reset your world, and I figured I’d toss in my two gold nuggets. I started playing Minecraft in 1.9, and for a while I kept the same world going from update to update. Unfortunately, around the release of 1.13, my PC died and I lost all my old world, so I had to start fresh. 

Since starting anew, I’ve kept mostly to the same world, with periodic “soft resets”, where I pack up a few basic materials (torches, food, bed, tools, etc) and set off exploring until I find an area that sparks a new wave of inspiration. I find that that really helps me avoid getting burned out, especially since I get a lot of inspiration from cool and unique Minecraft terrain. I seldom use the nether except for mining quartz and soul sand, so The Nether Update shouldn’t be an issue for me. I’m more concerned about the future “biome vote” updates, since I’ve explored a lot of biomes and don’t really have the technical savvy to selectively reset chunks. 

Any advice on easy to use methods for updating a world with an update as comprehensive as the mountain or savannah updates?

Love the show, keep up the great content!


RE: Rebuilding Builds 

Hello Mr. Joel and Sir. Pix (Hopefully you have been knighted by now.)

My survival world is a forever world that I have been working on for the past five years. However about a week ago I acidity deleted my world and the back on ancient. Luckily I had an emergency back up from around six months ago. While I was pretty upset at first I have now taken it upon myself to redo the builds that I lost and make them even better.

With that said have you ever thought about remaking/updating one or multiple of your builds?

Do you think it a good thing to do or do you like to have a contrast between your old and new building styles in your world? 

Thanks for the amazing Minecraft podcast,


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